Making Life Easier for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis changes things for both the affected person and their caregivers. Both parties are likely to get frustrated at times as the elderly person experiences memory loss, mood swings, agitation, and other challenges. Even though Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, there are ways an in which you can make life easier for your … Read more

Advice From An Assisted Living Center in Boynton Beach: Making New Year’s Resolutions as as Parent Caregiver

For many people, a new year presents the perfect opportunity to make changes. If you’re the caregiver of an older adult, you may often put their needs above yours. However, it may be time to take a fresh look at your expectations and attitudes regarding care. It’s almost impossible to be a perfect caregiver and … Read more

Preventing Hip Fractures in Elderly People

Hip fractures are very common among older people, especially women. Most people aren’t at risk of death if they break a bone but for elderly people, hip fractures can be life-threatening. This is because of the complications that often result. The risk of death is especially high for seniors who can’t walk on their own, … Read more

Brain Foods That May Support Proper Cognitive Function in Seniors

It is well known that the foods we eat have a direct impact on our health. Still, the focus is often on physical health rather than mental function. Whether they live with you or in a Boynton Beach assisted living community, they may be able to stave off cognitive decline. However, international researchers have found … Read more

The Right Senior Care Community Helps Prevent ER Trips: Here’s How

Aging doesn’t have to go hand in hand with an increased number of trips to the emergency room. Falls and respiratory infection are just two reasons seniors go to the ER, which is expensive even though Medicare covers some of the costs. The right assisted living community in Boynton Beach can help prevent repeated trips … Read more

Assisted Living Center in Boyton Beach vs. At-Home Care

When looking to make the right decision for yourself or the senior in your life, every detail is important. This is certainly the case when deciding whether a assisted living center in Boynton Beach or at-home care best suits their lifestyle and wishes. You’ll also want to consider their medical or care needs and whether … Read more

Elder Care Delray Beach | Maximize Your Life with Senior Living

Elder care is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that caters to senior citizens. Other terms of such services are also called adult day care, assisted living, long term care, nursing homes, home care and hospice care. There are elder care Delray Beach facilities and in the neighboring areas that are available for … Read more

Elder Care Florida: Things to Consider Before The Big Move

Caring for the elderly is traditionally performed by immediate family members. Work and family affairs make them more occupied and taking care of their elderly themselves is now a bit difficult. Preparing their senior family member for a big move instead of leaving them alone is a difficult thing to do but is beneficial nonetheless. … Read more