Navigating Medicare

A senior man, wearing glasses, holding a pen an filling out paperwork while sitting at a desk

Navigating Medicare can often feel like charting a course through a maze of options, rules, and deadlines—a journey that can be particularly daunting for seniors seeking to maximize their benefits while minimizing out-of-pocket costs. At our Delray Beach senior living center, we understand the complexities involved in making informed decisions about Medicare coverage. Through this … Read more

What is Advanced Care Planning?

Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney documents

Advanced care planning is a critical process that often goes overlooked until it becomes urgently needed. It involves making decisions about the healthcare you would want to receive if you’re unable to speak for yourself, ensuring your wishes are understood and respected by family and healthcare providers alike.  Table of Contents Defining Advanced Care Planning … Read more

From Brush Strokes to Brain Cells: How Creative Activities Can Improve Senior Memory and Attention Span


As we age, our senior memory and attention span can start to decline – but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to give them a boost! Engaging in creative activities like painting, music or writing has been proven to enhance cognitive function and improve brain health in seniors.  Below, we’ll explore how these seemingly simple … Read more

Memory Care: the Essential Features of Our Specialized Approach

Many elderly people need more than the basic services of an assisted living facility. They need memory care – a blend of medical care, socializing, and assistance with activities of daily living that aim to slow down the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  For relatives of elderly people with these conditions, the pain of witnessing … Read more

The Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities Help Seniors Thrive

assisted living for seniors

Aging doesn’t have to mean giving up and facility-based living doesn’t have to be the end of the road. In fact, for seniors that need a little support–from skilled nurses or a community of their peers, assisted living is a terrific solution.  There are many options for assisted living, and facilities like our Boynton Beach … Read more

The Real Benefits of a Senior Living Community

Senior Living Community

Making the choice to transition to assisted living can be confusing, scary, and a source of conflicted emotions. It’s a tough decision that the elderly and their adult children must face together. Navigating difficult conversations filled with strong emotions can be enough of a challenge. Let’s take an objective look and talk about the real … Read more

4 Tips on Dealing with the Emotional Toll of Transitioning to a Senior Living Community

senior living community

Whether you are the senior–or the loved one tasked with making critical care decisions, aging and emotions go hand in hand. There will be times when your feelings are hurt, when you struggle with rejection or the fear of facing mortality. Disagreements that put distance in the relationships with those you love could also occur. … Read more

6 Ways Seniors Can Stay Young And Active After 60

Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean slowing down. Youth is just as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing. When we’re young, we tend to think that we don’t need to take care of our physical activity. However, as we get older, we realize how much physical activity means for staying healthy and … Read more