Assisted Living Center in Boyton Beach vs. At-Home Care

When looking to make the right decision for yourself or the senior in your life, every detail is important. This is certainly the case when deciding whether a assisted living center in Boynton Beach or at-home care best suits their lifestyle and wishes. You’ll also want to consider their medical or care needs and whether they can be met at home or not. We’ve created a guide to choosing between senior living centers and at-home care to help you make an informed decision that is right for your family.

Cost and Stress of Assisted Living Centers in Boynton Beach

Senior living is generally more expensive than at-home care, even if a nurse is coming by every day to visit your senior and check on them. However, the costs of a senior living center in Boynton Beach covers your senior’s lodging, food, social activities, care, and more. This gives you more time to visit with that special senior in your life and do fun activities that don’t involve daily care. Some seniors find that this is preferable for them. They would rather see their families when they are already dressed and ready for the day. In addition, many caregivers who are also family members can experience extreme amounts of stress if they are trying to care for someone with needs beyond their capabilities. This is important to consider when looking into home care.

Frequency of Contact in Senior Communities

There’s no doubt that living in your family’s home will give you more contact with them. The main consideration in this situation is whether or not you or your family member have care needs that can’t be met. Or whether or not the senior would prefer to be in an environment with others his or her age with social activities to keep them busy. It may be nice seeing your mom or dad when you come home from work every day. But long hours alone increase the senior’s risk of depression and a health emergency that goes unattended.

Resources Available at A Senior Living Center

While family is extremely important, senior living centers provide resources that are difficult for an at-home caregiver to match. Oftentimes, an assisted living center offers fitness classes, medical checkups and screenings. They also have game nights, and fun presentations for the community right on site. This is included in the cost of residency and doesn’t require a trip to another location. In addition, many senior centers offer outings to museums and parks during the day. This often can’t always be provided by an at-home caregiver who works a job during the day. If your home cannot provide the same resources to keep the senior in your life engaged, happy, and curious, it may be time to consider a change of scene.

No one but you can make the right decision for yourself or your family. But it’s important to keep in mind all aspects of care and not overlook the small details. After all, they can make a big difference in quality of life! One option may initially seem like a no-brainer. But further research can sometimes uncover aspects of each type of care you hadn’t considered before. Comment down below with your thoughts on senior living centers vs. at-home care. Which is right for you?