The Importance of Cognitive Stimulation in Assisted Living Centers

Memory care is becoming, by far, one of the largest reasons that families look to place a loved one into an assisted living center. They have a need for around the clock care for patients, who are suffering from diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s. This is often something that the family can’t provide. The next best thing for someone, who is in need of memory care in Florida, is a luxury assisted living facility.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

Cognitive stimulation therapy is growing in popularity among treating those who suffer from memory diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. This type of therapy is generally a structured therapy plan that works on exercising the cognitive skills to help with improving the quality of daily life.

Evidence shows that those who suffer from mild to moderate forms of dementia see the most results from this type of therapy.

Engaging the mind activities used in groups, can help with memory care in Florida. This group ends up feeling like a club. Exercises change weekly, but a familiar warm-up activity is done to allow for familiarity with the patient.

Those who are involved in the group will work on stimulating each other. They also may talk about current events, the weather, or playing games that work on memory skills. They may even enjoy doing activities that are practical to every day living.

Trials for cognitive stimulation therapy are still being conducted across the world. This is designd to find new variations and the effectiveness of using it with memory care patients.

Memory Care Programs

Memory care is something that can be hard emotionally for a family. There are times when the patient suffering from a disease that affects their memory will forget who they are and who their family is. As the disease progresses, the moments of lucidity begin to fade until they are almost nonexistent.

Having your loved one in a facility with highly trained staff, who can offer them around the clock care is important. Even more important, is when the staff treats your loved one like their own family member.

Memory care patients often require individualized care programs based on their particular sets of needs. An assisted care facility who makes memory care a priority will be able to offer this for your loved one.

Classes and additional cognitive opportunities like painting, gardening, and live music opportunities help stimulate the minds of dementia patients. This is also important to their long-term care plan. These types of activities are supportive of cognitive stimulation therapy practices.

Qualified Memory Care Staff

Making sure the facility you are putting your loved one in is important. But it is even more important to get to know the staff, who will be with your loved one on a daily basis. Memory care staff should have extensive education on diseases that affect the memory. They should know what it means to have one of these diseases.

Understanding the latest techniques in memory care research should be a priority to the staff, who is working in this area of care. Implementation of activities and other cognitive stimuli should be a high priority for them while working with your loved one.

A highly qualified memory care staff member is going to be empathetic to you and your loved one’s situation. And there is no better care in the world than from someone who puts your needs first.