Senior-Friendly Physical Activities: Avoiding Inactivity in One’s Golden Years

It is believed that adequate fitness is most important for people over the age of 65, especially in senior care facilities in Boynton Beach. The right fitness levels help this group recover or reduce the risk of illness and stay independent. What is more, it is never too late to get fit. Regardless of one’s … Read more

Should You Keep Your Parent’s House After Moving Them to Assisted Living in Boynton Beach?

Making the decision to move a parent or both parents into a senior care facility can be tough. As an adult child, this leaves you with the responsibility of all their assets, if they are unable to take care of them on their own. This can include anything from personal belongings, automobiles, and even their … Read more

Assisted Living Center in Boyton Beach vs. At-Home Care

When looking to make the right decision for yourself or the senior in your life, every detail is important. This is certainly the case when deciding whether a assisted living center in Boynton Beach or at-home care best suits their lifestyle and wishes. You’ll also want to consider their medical or care needs and whether … Read more

Assisted Living Facility Florida | Do’s and Don’t When Choosing a Facility

Choosing an assisted living facility can be daunting. There are tons of assisted living community facilities to choose from but of course, you’d want to choose one that would be worth the costs, friendly atmosphere and most of all, able to meet the resident’s medical and personal care needs. Assisted living facility Florida offers numerous … Read more

Senior Living Boynton Beach | Why Choose Courtyard Gardens Senior Living Facility

In the state of Florida alone, there are numerous senior living facilities that you can choose from. Before settling for a particular facility for your loved one, you must consider some factors that would make your elderly loved ones stay comfortable and safe even away from home. In senior living Boynton Beach, FL, there’s one … Read more

Assisted Living Boynton Beach | What You Need To Know

Assisted living Boynton Beach is a facility in Boynton Beach, FL that provides adults with disabilities personal and medical care such as bathing, medication management, eating, dressing or using the bathroom. Assisted living costs less than nursing home care. Long-term care insurance or health care policies may cover some of the costs. Why Choose Assisted … Read more

Adult Day Care Delray Beach | Smart and Cost Effective Choice

Adult day care facilities are a lot different than nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The adult day care center is a non-residential facility that supports the nutritional, social, health, and daily living needs of adults in a group setting with professional staff available. Adult day care Delray Beach provides adults with transitional care and … Read more

Assisted Living Near Me | What Should I Know About Assisted Living

Caring for the elderly isn’t easy especially if you have to do it all by yourself. If your loved one has mobility issues and is finding the day to day activities difficult to do, it’s time for you to make a decision. You should ask yourself, “do I need to check out assisted living near … Read more

Senior Living Florida: Laws and Regulations

Some seniors require assistance in order to perform daily routines even the most basic tasks while some can still live independently without the need for assistance in the comforts of their own home. Unfortunately, as our elderly parent ages, the decline of health especially the loss of hearing, vision impairment or mobility issues become very … Read more

Memory Care Tips for the Elderly

As we age, some of us decline in cognitive ability faster than others. A decline in cognitive ability is very common as one gets older but there are ways to help delay or prevent memory loss for the elderly. There are several memory care tips for your aging loved ones that you can do at … Read more