Senior Living Florida: Laws and Regulations

Some seniors require assistance in order to perform daily routines even the most basic tasks while some can still live independently without the need for assistance in the comforts of their own home. Unfortunately, as our elderly parent ages, the decline of health especially the loss of hearing, vision impairment or mobility issues become very common. Senior living Florida facilities give you a lot of reasons why choosing them would be the best decision for your aging loved ones.

Senior Living Florida: Laws and Regulations Facilities Are Required to Comply

The state of Florida received an exceptional rating for the openness and accessibility of public records from assisted living facilities and their histories. This is a huge advantage for those that are still assessing their options on where and what facility to choose.

This gives people the transparency in order for them to know the right services they require as there may be numerous assisted living facilities in Florida, but the types of services they offer vary from one facility to another.

• Florida has one of the best state websites that you can access when researching for assisted living records
• The state of Florida ranked number 2 in providing transparency and reports on assisted living records
• Facilities should be a licensed one before it can operate
• Ongoing staff training to meet residents’ health and psycho-social needs
• Experienced staff in terms of medical and caregiving services.

More Information about Senior Living That May Surprise You

According to reports from American Senior Communities, improved innovations in healthcare and a focus on prevention, seniors today are living more active, longer, and healthier lives. It is expected that the population of older seniors aged 85 years and older is expected to triple from 5.7 million in 2011 to 14.1 million by the year 2040.

The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) reports that assisted living communities have a ratio of 7:1 of women to men. So the number of female residents are much higher compared to male. Majority of female residents are in her late 80’s approximately 87 years old.

Many seniors avoid advanced care planning. Genworth Financial reports that the majority of seniors fear long-term care illness that would eventually make them become a burden on their family. Their study revealed that 90% of senior citizens surveyed haven’t talked about critical long-term care issues with their family members and not even with their spouse.

Other facts about senior living are as follows:

• Due to inflation, base rents may increase yearly so it would be best for you to discuss this issue with your senior care provider
• Never be afraid to negotiate. You might be able to avail price breaks if you discuss this ahead of time before signing contracts.
• Read contracts carefully before signing so you will know what to expect in the future if there are other fees they forgot to discuss with you

Making the Final Decision

It is truly difficult when it comes to making a decision of moving an elderly parent or relative. But if their health and safety become the main concern, senior living Florida facility like Courtyard Gardens Senior Living can definitely help you with that. For more information about their services, call (561) 568-4849 now!