Top 4 Questions to Ask About Senior Memory Care

It would be challenging for people to look for a memory care facility if they’re not familiar with the concept. Although some folks choose to care for their aging loved ones in their own homes, when their memory impairment progresses and you’re burned out, you may come to a point where you’ll ask yourself this question: “How can I find a suitable memory care facility near me?”

FAQs about Memory Care

  • What Exactly is Memory Care?

Memory care is the specialized care that’s given by some assisted living facilities for seniors who have Alzheimer’s and other types of memory impairment. 

Is it different from Assisted Living?

It requires a higher level of clinical care than regular assisted living facilities to provide for the needs of residents with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body, and other disorders that lead to dementia. In most cases, the Memory Care areas are separate from the assisted living areas.

Does it include the management of medication?

Yes, because two of the most critical factors when it comes to memory care is the proper dosage and timing of a resident’s medication.

How can I be sure that my loved one needs memory care?

You may not notice the onset of dementia because it can be very slow and gradual. In fact, unless a crisis happens, you probably won’t think that memory care is needed. However, if you notice that your aging loved one finds it difficult to do familiar tasks, if they frequently lose track of time or if they get disoriented or confused, it’s best to move them into a memory care facility.

Memory Care Facility Near Me

At Courtyard Gardens Senior Living, the levels of Memory Care that we provide for our residents are tailor-fitted according to their specific needs. We assist residents in the earlier and advanced stages of memory impairment. Our facility is secure as much as it is luxuriously beautiful. A dedicated and highly-trained Activities Team works with them for 12 hours a day, focusing on specific abilities to keep them happy and engaged.

If you’re near Boynton Beach, Florida and you’re thinking “Which is the best memory care facility near me?”, check us out Call us at (561)568-4849 now to know more about us and the services we offer!