6 Types of Elder Care Living | Assisted Living in Boynton Beach

Are you contemplating on discussing assisted living in Boynton Beach with your aging loved one? If the concept of elder care is new to you yet you’re getting ready to move your loved one into a facility, you’ll need to learn about the different types of senior living situations first.

Find the perfect fit for your beloved elderly. Here are the 6 types of elder care living for your guidance:

  1. Assisted Living

This features independent living arrangements while offering comprehensive help with activities of daily living. Residents have their own unit within the facility and they’re free to participate in any of the recreational or social activities made available to them. Basic health services may be offered but skilled nursing services aren’t usually available on-site.

  1. Independent Living Communities

This works for seniors who are capable of looking after themselves. Elders are offered the chance to rent or purchase a unit within a complex that offers recreational and social activities. Although becoming a part of an independent living community will help prevent social isolation and depression among seniors, these communities don’t offer special health care services or assistance of daily living.

  1. Nursing Homes

If your loved one requires constant care provided by licensed health professionals, a nursing home would be the best choice. Although it offers housekeeping and linen services, meals, and care from a social worker and the medical staff, the residents may live in rooms that may or may not be private.

  1. Adult Day Care

This is good for seniors who need structured care and supervision during daytime hours. Educational programs, social activities, and basic medical and therapy services are generally being offered here.

  1. In-Home Care

This type of arrangement may require in-home professional health workers aside from the senior’s family members, especially when the family members are at work. 

  1. Hospice Care

This type is focused on providing care and comfort for seniors suffering from serious long-term illnesses who are in the last stages of their lives.

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