Preventing Hip Fractures in Elderly People

Hip fractures are very common among older people, especially women. Most people aren’t at risk of death if they break a bone but for elderly people, hip fractures can be life-threatening. This is because of the complications that often result. The risk of death is especially high for seniors who can’t walk on their own, have another health condition, or don’t get surgery to repair the fracture. A broken hip severely limits mobility. Elderly people who lose mobility for long periods may develop any of several serious conditions including pneumonia, urinary tract infections, blood clots, and bedsores. Whether your loved one lives with you or they’re a resident in a Boynton Beach assisted living community, you may be concerned about the possibility that they could fall. In this article, we’ll look at some of the risk fractures for hip fractures and how they can be prevented

Risk Factors for Hip Fractures

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 95 percent of hip fractures result from falls. Older people are at increased risk of falling because of poor eyesight, reduced coordination, and weakness. Other risk factors include:

  • This condition makes bones brittle and more likely to break.
  • Older age. The average age at which individuals suffer hip fractures is 80.
  • Women are more likely to have osteoporosis and they are, therefore, more likely to fracture a hip.
  • Some drugs cause drowsiness or dizziness.
  • An unsafe home environment. Loose carpets, power cords, and poor lighting can contribute to falls.

Preventing Hip Fractures

With these risk factors in mind, you can help to prevent your elderly loved one from falling. If they live in a Boynton Beach assisted living community, these things will be taken care of. However, you should talk to the individual about:

  • Getting regular eye exams
  • Wearing flat, hard-soled shoes
  • Noting the side effects of medication
  • Staying as physically active as possible
  • Asking their doctor about taking calcium and vitamin D to increase their bone density.

You can also ensure the home is as safe as possible by:

  • Making sure rooms are well-lit and light switches are easily accessible
  • Removing rugs and carpets or fastening them down to make sure they can’t move
  • Outfitting the bathroom with a skid-resistant mat, shower chair, and grab bars
  • Making sure all the chairs they use have armrests
  • Placing frequently used items on lower shelves
  • Using non-slip wax on the floor and ensuring stairs aren’t wet or slippery

Learn About All the Safety Measures at a Boynton Beach Assisted Living Community

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