When the time comes to discuss new living arrangements with an elderly parent, you may dread the conversation. You may worry that mom or dad will be angry, distressed or afraid in response to the idea of transitioning to an assisted living center in Boynton Beach. The conversation is likely to be a difficult one. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to make things a little easier.

Be Prepared.

There’s no script that’s guaranteed to make the conversation go well. However, you can prepare as much as possible. As long as your parent is willing to hear you out, they’re likely to have questions. If you anticipate these questions, you’ll be able to provide the information the elderly person needs.

Prepare to explain exactly what assisted living is and how it is different from a nursing home. Stress how such a facility could make life easier for both you and your parent. You should also make sure that your loved one knows that you’re not abandoning them, and you’ll still be involved in their lives.

Be Empathetic.

It’s impossible to know exactly what your parent is feeling. However, you can actively listen to them as they share their views. Many seniors fear the loss of independence and control. You can alleviate this by fully including them in the conversation. Empower them by giving them the opportunity to share their wants and needs and as far as possible, meeting those wants and needs.

You may expect mom or dad to express concerns or fears but they may have already accepted that this day was coming. They may even be eager to move into a Boynton Beach assisted living community for the next stage of their lives. You won’t know unless you actively listen.

Discuss All Care Options with Family Members

If there are other people who are invested in your parent’s care, be sure to include them. These may be your siblings, aunts, and uncles or other members of the caregiving team. Not everyone may agree on what the next steps should be but your loved one shouldn’t get caught in the middle. Before you talk to your elderly parent, have a discussion with the other parties in which you discuss all the options. Do your research on nursing homes, in-home care, and assisted living facilities so you can all make an informed decision. You can narrow down the most suitable options before you approach your mom or dad.

Don’t Judge Your Parent If They’re Not Quite Ready

Try not to force your elderly parent to move if they don’t want to. Be sure to share all the positives of moving into assisted living but respect your loved one’s decision. Keep in mind that they’ve spent their entire lives taking care of themselves and others. Giving up cooking and driving may seem like a huge step and they may assert their independence stronger than ever. You may have to find ways to help them adjust to aging without giving up their way of life completely.

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