Steps Involved in Choosing the Best Assisted Living Facility in Florida

If you and your elderly mom or dad have agreed that assisted living is the next step, you now need to choose the best facility for them. Given all the available care options, it can be difficult to know which assisted living facility in Florida is the right one. In addition to factors like cost, location, and amenities, you also need to consider your parent’s interests and the overall culture of the facility. Let’s look at some of the things you should do when evaluating assisted living communities.

Pay Attention to Cleanliness and Design

You’ll want your loved one’s new home to be clean and designed to support their mental and physical health. Take a look at both the interior and exterior of the facility and assess whether it’s well-kept and welcoming. Are the walls painted in appealing colors? Is the furniture comfortable? Can your loved one add little personal touches?  You should also ask about accessibility features such as wheelchair ramps and stairlifts as well as safety features like grab bars and handrails.

Take Your Loved One’s Hobbies and Personality into Consideration

If your senior relative loves plants, you’ll want to choose a facility that offers gardening. If they are committed to lifelong learning, a community with a well-stocked library and a program of lectures and classes will be ideal. Similarly, fitness centers will thrill individuals who love staying active. Residents are much happier when their facility caters to their interests.

Get a Feel for the Culture

Every assisted living community in Florida has its own culture and this will affect the quality of life of the residents. Do the individuals in the facility seem happy and engaged? Are there opportunities for them to interact? Loneliness often has a detrimental effect on older people so you need to ensure residents can socialize and engage in stimulating activities. If possible, ask some members of the community to share their thoughts about the facility.

Observe the Caregivers

These are the individuals who will be caring for your loved one in your absence so you need to be comfortable with them. In addition to asking management about the training and qualifications of the staff, try to observe workers in action. Are they friendly and caring yet professional when interacting with residents?

Ask About the Cost Structure

Cost is likely to factor into your decision. Even though you want the best for your loved one, you may need to figure out how assisted living will fit into your budget. Communities offer different types of pricing models including a-la-carte, tiered, and all-inclusive. Make sure you’re clear about all the different options so you can find the one that works best for your family.

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