Making Life Easier for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis changes things for both the affected person and their caregivers. Both parties are likely to get frustrated at times as the elderly person experiences memory loss, mood swings, agitation, and other challenges. Even though Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, there are ways an in which you can make life easier for your … Read more

Dementia Care in Boynton | Understanding Dementia

According to, “dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life”. Memory loss is an early sign of dementia.  It is also defined as fatal brain failure, like cancer that physically kills patients, not simply a mental illness associated with old age. Alzheimer’s is the … Read more

Elder Care Florida | Costs and Funding Options

Most elder care Florida assisted living communities offer residents the choice of an all-inclusive or fee-for-service pricing. All-inclusive means that a single-monthly fee covers the costs of meals, transportation, housekeeping, rent and any additional services while fee-for-service means that a resident would only pay for a specific list of services they use. If a resident intends … Read more

3 Most Common Types of Dementia | Dementia Boynton Beach

When an individual gets diagnosed with dementia, it means that he has a brain condition that gradually affects his memory, behavior, and thinking. It’s not a disease in itself but a group of symptoms that are common to numerous brain diseases. If you have a loved one who’s experiencing personality changes, memory impairment, or dementia, … Read more

How to Live Your Best Life During Retirement

As early as now, you probably have an idea of what your retirement years would look like. It might include traveling, learning new hobbies, socializing in Boynton Beach senior living, or spending time with family. As you plan for your retirement years, keep in mind that where you live matters. Safety, community, and purposefulness are … Read more