Senior Living Delray Beach | Helping Our Loved Ones Live Life

Senior living may refer to elderly care, age-restricted community, retirement community, nursing home, or retirement home. The main goal is for older adults that need assistance may it be medical or personal such as taking a bath, shopping, folding, eating or even walking will be taken cared for. Senior living Delray Beach facilities offers just … Read more

Assisted Living Near Me | What Should I Know About Assisted Living

Caring for the elderly isn’t easy especially if you have to do it all by yourself. If your loved one has mobility issues and is finding the day to day activities difficult to do, it’s time for you to make a decision. You should ask yourself, “do I need to check out assisted living near … Read more

Senior Living Florida: Laws and Regulations

Some seniors require assistance in order to perform daily routines even the most basic tasks while some can still live independently without the need for assistance in the comforts of their own home. Unfortunately, as our elderly parent ages, the decline of health especially the loss of hearing, vision impairment or mobility issues become very … Read more

Senior Assisted Living Facilities: Key Senior Statistics Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach, FL has a population of 72,748 with a median age of 42.9. There are 4,572 seniors living alone in Boynton Beach. Of these, 73% are female. There are 52 senior assisted living facilities in Boynton Beach area that you can check out with your elderly parent or relative to know if they provide … Read more

Help with Ageing Parents: Things to Consider When Taking Care of the Elderly

As our parents’ age, they might need more help. You might not know exactly what to do or where to start. While not all aging parents situations are the same, getting help with aging parents can be challenging especially, if you’re also a very busy individual. There are several ways you can help improve your aging … Read more

Assisted Living Requirements | Duration and Options for Low Income Seniors

Before making the big decision of moving your elderly parent or relative to an assisted living care facility, you have to get to know the pre-requisites first before moving them in. As there are tons of assisting living facilities in the US, there are also assisted living requirements that you must adhere to and it … Read more

3 Ways to Deal with Combative Behavior in Dementia | Boynton Beach Dementia

If you’re dealing with a loved one who has dementia, we’re sure that you’ve already noticed the marked significant changes in his ability to think, communicate, and care for themselves. Perhaps at first, you may have wondered how your usually kind and gentle mom can suddenly become combative towards people. Before you look for Boynton … Read more

4 Key Traits to Look for In a Senior Living Facility

With so many options to choose from, it can be very overwhelming to search for the best Boynton Beach senior living community for your aging loved ones. However, if you know what to look for, your beloved elderly will definitely have the chance to live their remaining years to the fullest. Keep your eyes peeled … Read more

3 Easy Ways Seniors Can Do to Prevent Memory Loss

As you get older, your memory blips will happen more often than they used to. You’ll notice that more and more words will be “on the tip of your tongue” and more of your grandkids’ names will be forgotten. The good news is you don’t have to worry even if you’ve recently wondered, “How can … Read more

7 Food Choices that Help Delay the Aging Process

Can certain food choices really help delay the aging process? Scientists prove that making healthy food choices help you live a longer, healthier life. Senior day care in Boynton Beach knows that as we age, it’s more important to be aware of what we put in our bodies. These seven food choices not only delay … Read more