Help with Ageing Parents: Things to Consider When Taking Care of the Elderly

Help with Ageing Parents

As our parents’ age, they might need more help. You might not know exactly what to do or where to start. While not all aging parents situations are the same, getting help with aging parents can be challenging especially, if you’re also a very busy individual.

There are several ways you can help improve your aging parents’ quality of life. They don’t have to feel being left behind, lonely or alone.

Ways You Can Help With Aging Parents:

1. Call Them Regularly — Your parents understand that you also have your own problems and life situations you’re dealing with on a daily basis. The truth is, despite your busy schedule, one thing aging parents want from their kids is to hear from them. You should set a reminder on your phone to check on them every once in a while and see how they’re doing.

2. Show Them Empathy – Sometimes you might get frustrated with your parents’ change of behavior. This might be a little annoying for you, but you should show them empathy and understand where they’re coming from. They can be absolutely moody at times, needy, and lonely. Aging is a series of losses. Loss of mobility, employment, energy, health, and independence.

3. Encourage them to be More Active – It is important to understand that being physically and socially active is very significant to one’s health especially to the elderly. Many senior parents tend to isolate themselves, they easily get tired or is having hearing and vision loss. Encourage them to meet with friends, go for a walk, helping them find senior groups and community centers that organized social activities. Physical activities help the elderly in delaying cognitive decline.

4. Help Them Create a Memory Book – Experiencing short-term memory problems are common to the elderly. Reminiscing memories might help. Work on a scrapbook with your parents filled with photos of their friends, family members, pets they had in the past, names and places they’ve been to.

5. Get Other Family Members Involved – You don’t have to take all of the responsibility in taking care of your aging parents especially if you have siblings. Communication plays an integral role between family members with regards to helping your parents. You can take turns looking after them or perhaps cleaning or shopping for them. You can also talk with your family members if your parents need financial help or other forms of assistance.

When to Move Your Aging Parents to an Assisted Living Facility

Cognitive decline and mobility issues are the main concerns for old folks. It could be a bit challenging for you as well. Thankfully, there are adult care facilities that address these concerns and they make your life easier and for your parents as well.

Adult care facilities such as Courtyard Gardens Senior Living offers recreational activities, meals, medical care, assistance to daily tasks, companionship and a secure environment for your loved one. If you seek help with aging parents from a trusted senior care facility, call (561)336-4958 today!