3 Key Benefits of Moving to an Assisted Living Facility at Boynton Beach

Has your family come to a point where you’re considering the subject of elder care in Boynton Beach for your mom or dad? Making this decision is far from easy. In fact, this discussion can spark conflicts and disagreements among family members. However, if the benefits of moving into an independent living community are clearly … Read more

Elder Care Boynton Beach | What you need to know

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Dementia Nursing Homes Near Me | 4 Don’ts of Communicating

Communication is one of the most challenging issues that almost every caregiver is confronted with when dealing with loved ones who have dementia. This is due to the fact that seniors who have it are unable to understand and express their ideas. We won’t be surprised if you’ve googled, “dementia nursing homes near me” during … Read more

The Dreaded Elderspeak: 3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid It

If you ever find yourself in one of the dementia nursing homes – Boynton Beach, Florida area, do the residents a favor by not falling into the easiest communication trap – “Elderspeak.”  In case you’re not familiar, elderspeak is when a younger person talks to a senior in a way that’s much similar to talking … Read more

3 Most Common Types of Dementia | Dementia Boynton Beach

When an individual gets diagnosed with dementia, it means that he has a brain condition that gradually affects his memory, behavior, and thinking. It’s not a disease in itself but a group of symptoms that are common to numerous brain diseases. If you have a loved one who’s experiencing personality changes, memory impairment, or dementia, … Read more

3 Ways to Deal with Combative Behavior in Dementia | Boynton Beach Dementia

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6 Types of Elder Care Living | Assisted Living in Boynton Beach

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3 Things to Do if You Suspect Your Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

When you come to a point where you suspect that your aging loved one has Alzheimer’s, you can’t afford to brush it off and pretend that everything’s the same as it used to be. It’s important to take action ASAP. You don’t have to look for facilities that offer Alzheimer’s care Boynton Beach area the … Read more

Memory Care Boynton Beach | Your Memory Care Checklist

Your Memory Care Checklist If this is your first time to look for the best memory care in Boynton Beach for a parent, it’s important to make sure that the level and type of care that’s provided by the facility is aligned to the needs of your mom or your dad.  To help you get … Read more

Top 4 Questions to Ask About Senior Memory Care

It would be challenging for people to look for a memory care facility if they’re not familiar with the concept. Although some folks choose to care for their aging loved ones in their own homes, when their memory impairment progresses and you’re burned out, you may come to a point where you’ll ask yourself this … Read more