Dementia Nursing Homes Near Me | 4 Don’ts of Communicating

Communication is one of the most challenging issues that almost every caregiver is confronted with when dealing with loved ones who have dementia. This is due to the fact that seniors who have it are unable to understand and express their ideas. We won’t be surprised if you’ve googled, “dementia nursing homes near me” during extremely difficult days.

While you’re looking around for a suitable place for your mom or dad, check out this list of what you should NOT do when you talk to a loved one with dementia:

  1. Don’t do “elderspeak”.

 When certain people do “elderspeak”, it means they’re talking to seniors who have dementia in a demeaning manner. It usually involves speaking slowly in a high-pitched voice (as if they’re talking to a baby) while using patronizing words such as, “sweetheart” or “honey”. Remember that no matter what happens, your parents are still your parents – so, don’t treat them like they are infants.

  1. Don’t use figures of speech.

Never assume that a person with dementia will understand phrases such as, “raining cats and dogs” or “don’t cry over spilled milk” unless you want them to look for cats and dogs falling from the sky or going down on all fours to see where the milk has spilled. Their mental condition makes it difficult for them to interpret abstract ideas. 

  1. Don’t interrogate. 

It’s best to limit your questions to a few if your goal is not to agitate or confuse them. Instead of firing a string of questions at them, why don’t you provide simple encouragement?

  1. Don’t ignore them.

Just because a person has dementia it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t understand it when you disrespect him. Chances are, he understands your treatment toward him more than you credit him for. Address them directly and treat them with respect and dignity.

Looking for “Dementia Nursing Homes Near Me”? 

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