Older people who face challenges with mobility often suffer from atrophied muscles or deteriorating joints. These issues can lead to physical changes that might not always be treatable, additionally complicating mobility. Assisted living in Boynton Beach often employs professional physical therapists who help patients avoid further complications by applying certain techniques.

Physical therapy interventions have improved over time. People with mobility challenges can live active lives thanks to a series of simple physical therapy techniques we’ll tell you about in this article. The key is to exercise on a regular basis, ideally in 10-15 minute sets twice a day.


Every five star assisted living in Boynton Beach should have a simple stretching routine. Lie on your back and cross the left angle over the right knee. Push the left knee down using your hand. Repeat twice or three times.


Pull the back of your right knee towards the chest. Your tailbone shouldn’t move off the floor. Repeat the routine twice and stay in position for 8 seconds each time.

Hamstring Exercise

Lie on your back and stretch your right leg, grabbing the back of the right knee. Again, the tailbone must stay on the floor even if the knee bends a little. To stretch further, flex the back of the foot, keeping the right knee straight.

Quadrants Lattisimus Dorsi and Lumborum

Sit upright and lift your left hand up. Keeping the arm straight, bend it to the right. With the fingers pointing toward the inside, let the arm heel reach up. Now, bend the torso through the spine to the left. Use the right hand as support. You should feel the stretch on the side of your back beginning from the lower back side to the armpit.

Back Rotation

As you lie on your back, stretch your arms up. Fold your legs and lower them to the right, then to the left. Repeat a few times. There is a very pleasant, relaxing sensation travelling up your spine.

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain often starts as early as one’s teenage years. Stretches and gentle spinal movements are combined in a series of exercises to reduce discomfort.

Cat – Camel

This exercise is named cat-camel because the body moves in ways typically associated with these animals. As you inhale deeply, you arch your back up like a cat or camel. Increase the arching, then breath out and tighten your abdomen. Lift your head and drop the chest so that you’re looking straight ahead. Repeat. By doing this exercise, you are stretching the tissue near the nerve roots by the spine, where most spinal problems start.

Knee Lunge

Stand with one leg about three feet in front of the other. Without bending your spine, lunge forward. Do not twist or lean in any direction. Retain the position for a few seconds. Switch legs and repeat. Do a total of three repetitions per leg.

Doing these exercises regularly can help make sure your joints and muscles relax and your muscles get stronger to take pressure away from the joints, which almost always suffer in our golden years.

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