The Ultimate Guide to Housing and Transitioning to Assisted Living Facilities

In one’s golden years, housing and transitioning can be a big challenge. Here is your ultimate guide to planning, preparing for, and transitioning to the best assisted living in Boynton Beach.

How to Recognize It’s Time to Move

It usually begins with small, subtle signs. Your aging parents are finding it increasingly hard to take care of their home and/or themselves. With almost a third of retired people and pre-retirees worried about being unable to pay their mortgage off, moving to a lower-cost option is becoming an increasingly alluring prospect. All too often, our elderly loved ones find it difficult to give up a house full of cherished memories and beloved possessions.

Start Early

A key element to making a smooth transition is beginning your search early. According to experts, this should begin years before the elderly person needs to make the transition. But should occur a few months ahead at the very least. It’s similar to planning for college. In the US, we usually start choosing schools to apply to in the 10th or at the beginning of the 11th grade before sitting the SATs and ACTs. Quite often, parents will start a college fund when their children are still young. It is a good idea to give transitioning to assisted living the same degree of care and attention.

Can a Professional Help?

It is recommended to work with a SRES or Senior Real Estate Specialist when your parents are planning on making the move. These professionals are not typical realtors. They are familiar with the specifics of late-life relocation and able to provide corresponding financial guidance. You may benefit from their intervention a great deal.

They will advise you to consider several key aspects. We outline each briefly below.

Price Range

The price range takes into account the pricing, selling, and affordability of your parent’s existing property. This helps to determine the potential price accurately.


You need to consider, if the elderly person should remain in the same area near friends and social functions they are accustomed to or move to another city or state, closer to you or other family members and loved ones? Carefully weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Special Needs

Should their new residence take special needs into account? Do they need an office, a hobby space, a workshop, or handicapped facilities? Also, will they require certain assisted living features, such as meal preparation and homemaking?

Type of Housing

Think about the type of senior housing desired. However, downsizing may be in order – eg. moving from a two-story to a one-story home or to a house that is easier to maintain.


Does the elderly person need more personalized or medical assistance? Will medication dispensing or treatment be involved? You might need to look at five star assisted living in Boynton Beach, Florida that provides medical, nursing, and care services.

On a final note, you might do research on programs that offer financial support in moving and reputable realtors, who can help your parent or parents sell their home with maximum profit.