Helping Older Adults to Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals age 65 and over are at greater risk of becoming severely ill if they develop COVID-19. That’s why it’s so important for seniors to take extra precautions during this pandemic. One of the best things we can all do to stay safe is to practice social distancing. This is difficult for many but since older adults often experience loneliness, anxiety, and depression, they can feel even more isolated right now. Without access to their usual daily or weekly activities, negative effects can range from reduced physical activity to unhealthy eating and sleeping difficulties. The situation is a difficult one but seniors can still remain healthy at this time whether they’re aging in place or living in a Boynton Beach assisted living facility.

It may be helpful for them to:

  • Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to the news since this can increase anxiety
  • Stay in contact with relatives and friends over the phone or the Internet
  • Pay more attention to eating healthy meals, maintaining personal hygiene, and exercising regularly
  • Get adequate sleep and make time for relaxation
  • Talk to a healthcare professional if they’re finding it particularly difficult to cope

Helping Your Loved One to Manage Loneliness and Anxiety

Older people have usually been through several difficult periods in their lives. They may have experienced economic crises, wars and personal trauma and they may be reluctant to talk about their feelings. However, it doesn’t mean they aren’t overwhelmed. Be sure to talk to your loved one about how they’re coping and remind them that it’s a good idea to get their feelings out in the open.

Even if they reside in a Boynton Beach assisted living facility where they’re being well cared for, you should still reach out. Family and friends provide an important support system even in this age of social distancing. You can help your loved one by:

  • Scheduling a virtual visit, calling or sending text messages to stay connected
  • Providing flowers or cheerful wall art to brighten up their spaces
  • Sending letters or family photos in the post so they have a tangible item
  • Reminding them to play games, work on puzzles or engage in other enjoyable activities
  • Avoiding prolonged or excessive conversations about COVID-19 and its effects
  • Letting them know you’re there to support them however you can

With the right support, older adults can navigate this period of uncertainty more successfully. They’ll be more likely to remain in good physical and mental health and signs of declining health will be more easily detected.

Trust a Boynton Beach Assisted Living Facility to Take Care of Your Loved One

It can be difficult to part with a parent or older loved one. However, sometimes an assisted living community is the best option. If you’re looking for the best assisted living facility in Florida, you’ll love Courtyard Gardens Senior Living. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help to keep your loved one safe.