It is difficult to care for an aging parent. Chronic medical conditions can make it even harder. One of the conditions that require extra special care is diabetes. Whether mom or dad has been living with diabetes for years or they were recently diagnosed, you’ll need to help them manage their condition. This means keeping the lines of communication open. Plus, you need to know exactly what to pay attention to. These tips can help when caring for an elderly parent with diabetes and supporting them whether they live with you or in Boynton Beach assisted living community.

Know Their Treatment Plan and Goals with the Help of a Boynton Beach Assisted Living Community

Talk to your parent and their doctor about how they’re supposed to manage their condition. Know how often they should test their blood sugar and take insulin. Goals can change often for older people and the focus is often on short-term targets. This includes reducing the number of times their blood sugar spikes or gets too low. If your parent is using medications for other illnesses, you also need to make sure you know these drugs. Some drugs interact with diabetes medication and they can cause other problems like reduced kidney function. If your parent is a resident in an assisted living community in Florida, they will get help with managing their medication.

Be on the Lookout for Mental Health Challenges and Cognitive Changes

Elderly people who have diabetes are more likely to be depressed. If you notice a lack of interest in regular activities, moodiness, changes in eating and sleeping patterns,, you should speak to a physician. Seniors can experience diabetes burnout where they get frustrated with having the manage their condition every day. They may stop monitoring their blood sugar or give up on taking their medication. Older people with diabetes are also more likely to experience rapid age-related cognitive decline. This can make it difficult for them to care for themselves.

Pay Attention to Their Feet

Everyone living with diabetes has to take care of their feet. However, seniors often need help in doing so. Because of challenges with mobility and vision, it can be difficult for them to inspect their feet and clip their toenails. If you’re caring for mom or dad at home, be sure to check their feet for cuts, fungus or other problems. If you notice any injuries, don’t try to treat them yourself. Instead, take them to see their doctor or a podiatrist. If your parent lives in a Boynton Beach assisted living community, they’ll get help with their personal care and if necessary a doctor will be called.

Ask for Help From Your Boynton Beach Assisted Living Community

Caring for a parent who has diabetes can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Always talk to your parent’s medical team and where possible, seek help from siblings or other relatives. If you’re finding it too difficult to care for your mum or dad at home, talk to them about moving into a Boynton Beach assisted living facility. This would allow them to maintain some of their independence while also getting care with medication management, personal care, and other needs. Reach out to the team at Courtyard Gardens Senior Living for more information.

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