Downsizing Before Moving into an Assisted Living Community in Florida

Most older people want to age in place. However, sometimes the time comes when this is no longer practical and moving into an assisted living community in Florida is the best choice. Assisted living provides an opportunity for seniors to maintain some independence while getting help with personal care and minor medical needs. Despite the benefits, it’s often difficult for individuals to move from a large house to a room in a facility.

Moving is highly stressful for everyone but older people may find it especially hard. They’ve often lived in their home for decades and naturally, they accumulate lots of possessions. Unfortunately, most seniors need to downsize ahead of their move. Here are some tips for making the process go as smoothly as possible.

Come Up with A Plan

You don’t want to begin before you’ve decided how you’ll tackle everything. Even if you’re just helping someone who is moving, you shouldn’t expect to get the job done in a day or two. Since the process is likely to be both physically and emotionally taxing, you’ll need to devise a schedule for when you’ll complete tasks and when you’ll take a break. If you’ll need additional help from relatives and friends, you also need to make sure they are available.

Make A List of the Items Which Will Go to the Facility

Write down the things which absolutely have to go to the Boynton Beach assisted living community. If you’re the one who’s moving, you may need to rank the items in terms of priority. If you’re assisting an elderly loved one, you may have to help them to decide which items are truly necessary. While it may be difficult to part with sentimental items, some of them may have to be left behind.

Don’t Rule Out Items Immediately

If you have some time before the move, instead of throwing things in the trash right away, just put them out of sight. If you realize that you never need them, you can dispose of them or donate them to someone else. You don’t want to hastily get rid of something and then realize you do want it.

Try to ‘Rehome’ Those Things You Love But Can’t Take

Avoid actually sending things to the dump if you don’t have to. While you may have accumulated some junk, you likely also have useful items that others would appreciate. You can certainly donate your furniture and clothing to charity. However, you may feel much better about parting with them if you knew exactly who they would be going to. Ask friends and relatives if they want to have any of your items.

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