Dementia occurs when nerve cells in a person’s brain stop working. It is a bad sign for people aging. Delray Assisted Living facilities have a track record of handling residence with mental related illness. You might want to examine your aging parents if they are undergoing early signs of dementia. This is a harsh reality we might come across someday so it is good to get educated on the matter. The list below summarizes key points to look for signs of dementia.

Memory loss

Dementia and memory loss go hand in hand. It may be the most common symptom of dementia. Forgetfulness is different from memory loss. A person with memory loss has a difficulty to retain basic information they recently learned. As people tend to forget things as they grow old, they can recall things later if their memory loss is age-related and not due to dementia.

Difficulty planning or solving problems

An elder that has dementia may be more challenged in solving simple problems. It may come as a surprise that the basic tasks they usually solved before are more challenging than ever. The scary thing about this is it involves essential daily routine such as paying bills. When simple mathematical problems are more challenging than ever, then it might be time to get professionally checked.

Time and place are now difficult.

Numbers are not the only thing that stands as a difficulty for people with dementia. The illness makes it hard to judge the place and time you are in. Consequently, the struggle of keeping up with dates, timelines, and events becomes increasingly insufferable.

Challenges understanding visual information

Comprehending visual information can be difficult for an elderly person with dementia. Reading text, judging distance, and identifying colors are some of the basic challenges.

Misplacing things

The king of pet peeves. Misplacing things increases frequency as you are experiencing memory loss. In where did you place your everyday objects can be very hard to frustrate. Sometimes, a person with dementia might accuse people of stealing.

Don’t Forget to Choose the Right Facility

Courtyard Gardens is one of the well-known Assisted Living in the vicinity of Delray. Residents have the luxury of getting first-class quality care as they progress into their dementia. Call us at (561)336-4958 for more inquiries. We’ll be able to answer and have a conversation with your senior loved one.

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