Assisted Living Boynton Beach | 6 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) affects the lives of more than five million people in the United States. AD is a type of disease that affects the brain of older adults. AD impairs thinking, reasoning, and memory abilities. Most assisted living facilities in Boynton Beach, Florida have memory care facilities that specifically takes care of seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease.

By knowing the early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease, you can help delay the progression of the illness. Here are six common signs of AD to look out for:

1.    Memory Loss

If your elderly loved one seems to be more forgetful than usual, it may be an indication of AD. This type of memory loss usually starts with forgetting important events or dates and then can progress into forgetting names of loved ones or places. If you notice your loved one asking repetitive questions or needing frequent reminders, it’s best to go see a doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2.    Misplacing Items Frequently

Notice kitchen utensils in the bathroom? Misplacing common items in unusual places is another sign of Alzheimer’s Disease. Oftentimes, these items become hard to trace, but the problem of the matter is that the misplacement might be caused by a serious problem.

3.    Withdrawing from Social Events

You may notice your elderly loved one becoming more withdrawn from social events and hobbies that were once important to them. As the disease progresses, these symptoms become worse. Antisocial attitudes and moods are another symptom of AD.

4.    Having a Hard Time Determining Time and Place

Another common symptom of AD is losing track of time and dates. Persons afflicted by the disease will become more and more forgetful when it comes to where they are, where they’re going, how they got there, and why they’re there.

5.    Difficulty in Finding the Right Words

Another symptom of AD is difficulty in conversation or turns at talk. If your elderly loved one randomly pauses in the middle of a conversation, they may have forgotten their train of thought or maybe can’t find the right words. Individuals with AD may also have a hard time initiating or joining conversations. For this reason, repetitive conversations can occur in people with AD – asking the same questions over and over again or telling you the same things repeatedly.

6.    Difficulty in Decision Making

Seniors with AD usually demonstrate poor judgment. This often causes a negative impact on the senior’s finances. You may notice missed bill payments or large donations to sketchy organizations. Physical hygiene is also an indication of AD. Your elderly loved one may refuse to bathe frequently or change their clothing on a daily basis, which might seem like stubbornness at first, but may also be a symptom of AD.

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