Reassuring Your Loved One as They Move into a Boynton Beach Assisted Living Facility

New experiences are often overwhelming. Even though an older adult would have experienced many firsts in their life, moving into a Boynton Beach assisted living facility may have them feeling a little jittery. They may be nervous about navigating a new space, meeting new people, and moving away from their neighbors. This is natural so don’t be surprised if Mom or Grandad seems sad or on-edge as moving day approaches and in the first few weeks after they move. Here are some of the things you can do to help them transition.

Give Them A Listening Ear

Try to find out precisely what concerns or scares your loved one most about this life change. In some cases, you may be able to put their fears at rest by providing them with information. If not, you can still comfort them. Don’t assume that their nerves mean assisted living was a bad idea. Once the individual settles in and begins to make new friends, they’ll likely feel a lot more comfortable.

Visit as Often as You Can

Drop by to have a meal with your loved one at their assisted living center in Boynton Beach or take them for a drive. If you can’t always make it, ask relatives or friends to give the you some support. If your elderly family member isn’t very outgoing, bring a resident or two into the conversation so your loved one has someone to chat with when you leave. Some communities have a buddy system in place where they pair residents so you can ask about this option.

Make the New Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into a Boynton Beach assisted living facility can be stressful. After you have unpacked all the necessities, start adding some little personal touches. Consult with the older person about any décor, books, and photos they want to have. Grandma may want her favorite mug or her usual blanket to make her feel comfortable. Outfitting an elderly person’s room with their things will help them to settle and feel more empowered.

Don’t Introduce Too Many New Things

You may have the urge to give your parent the newest of everything for their apartment. You may think that they’ll be happier if they have exciting gadgets. However, unless the individual genuinely enjoys trying new things, you could overwhelm them. Moving is already a challenging experience and learning how to use new things could make it harder.

Act as an Advocate

If your loved one has a request that’s seemingly not being heard by those in charge of the facility, raise the issue on your next visit. Your parent or relative is still capable of independent thought and you know them best, so don’t be afraid to speak up on their behalf. Sometimes, the smallest adjustments can make all the difference.

Talk to the Team at Courtyard Gardens Senior Living

Adjusting to a new environment is difficult but we’ll do everything we can to make the transition smooth for your mom, dad or elderly relative. If you’re considering our assisted living center in Boynton Beach, call us and we’ll answer all your questions.