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“Please listen to us, it’s for your own good!” It’s a statement that we used to hear from our parents when we were still kids. But at old age, sometimes turning of the table happens. Our senior parents will have a certain degree of stubbornness. Adult children find it hard to convince the senior on proper dieting, lifestyle modifications, taking medication, and a lot more. Fortunately, Jupiter Senior Living communities are here to rescue. They have staff who are skillful enough to persuade our old parents in taking actions that influence their overall well-being.

Experts’ Advice About Dealing with Senior Parents Who Aren’t Willing to Listen

We all want what’s best for our aging parents. But in a lot of cases, seniors are unwilling to take our advice seriously. So it’s either we learn effective ways to make them listen to us or just choose to let everything go. Here are things that adult children can actually do:

1. Always remind the senior about the important matters

Even you’d seem like a resounding gong, remind your parents about the benefits of taking and not taking certain actions. For instance, if an old diabetic parent still keeps on eating food high in sugar, then always remind about the consequences of diabetes.

2. Tell the senior about the effects of their actions on their loved ones

Many seniors don’t really care what happens to them but they’d care much about what will happen to their children and grandchildren. And so, never hesitate to grab this opportunity. You may express that you worry about them not taking their medication and it’s affecting your focus on many things. Statements like, “I know you love me very much. Will you help me stop worrying by taking your medications on time?”

3. Let go but still hope for the best

A stubborn senior puts you in a very stressful situation. If you’ve done everything, then it’s time to let go. Accept that your aging parent is hard to convince but never stop hoping though.

Jupiter Senior Living: Patience is a Virtue

It takes a lot of patience to provide high-quality senior care. A reliable Jupiter Senior Living facility has staff who don’t just possess the required level of patience but also commitment. Yes, Courtyard Gardens give residents the choice of how to live but we encourage participation in activities for their total well-being. Contact us for inquiries today!

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