Help with Ageing Parents

Viral and bacterial infections are among the top diseases found in aging individuals. Although everybody is at risk of these health conditions, seniors are even more prone to it. In addition, individuals above 65 years old who are in long-term senior care even gets the highest risk. Whether in Palm Beach Elder Care or at home, it’s beneficial to apply the necessary steps in dealing with senior infections.

Common Infections To Watch Out in Aging Individuals

Many of us assume that the decline of senior body function is simply a normal part of aging. However, what we often fail to understand is that this sign is giving us a hint that infections may exist. Let’s check out the top common infectious diseases in old adults below.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Aside from not drinking enough water, diabetic seniors and those who are using urinary catheters get the greater risk of UTI. Objective symptoms may include behavioral changes, frequent urination, and lack of urinary control. Pain or discomfort in urinating may occur but not really common to elders. When a caregiver observes these symptoms, it’s important to take immediate action. Initially, seniors are encouraged to drink plenty of water if not against a doctor’s advice. But if the symptoms continue, then visiting a physician is the best option.

Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia

Don’t you wonder why health authorities promote pneumonia vaccination in older adults? That’s because pneumonia, a highly fatal disease is common to seniors. Classical respiratory signs of infection such as cough, fever, and chills sometimes don’t show up in these infections. And so, experts recommend to watch out for confusion, delirium, and other behavioral or cognitive changes instead.

Skin Infections

As a person gets older, the skin’s ability to resist disease-causing microorganisms decline giving rise to certain skin diseases. Foot fungal and viral infections and shingles are two of the most common infections for seniors but there are actually more. Hence, it’s important for caregivers not to take the usual itching for granted. Make a good assessment and refer to a doctor if necessary. Promotion of good sanitation and hygiene is encouraged as well.

Palm Beach Elder Care: Our Top Priority

Maintaining good health and well-being is a continuous process especially for seniors. If you can’t keep up with this endeavor, then maybe it’s time to seek Palm Beach Elder Care for help. At Courtyard Gardens, attending to the needs of your beloved seniors is our greatest interest. Dial (561)336-4958 for inquiries.

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