Senior Hometown Tourist

Delray Beach Assisted Living is fortunate to be in a city that enjoys a rich and good culture. Seniors that do not have the time nor the money can enjoy their summer by having a vacation in town. You can have a memorable experience within your hometown that can be a treat for your whole family. The best part about this is that you can help your community by giving your vacation budget to the people that serve in your local community. To avoid hustle on your part, learn a few tricks we will share t you so you can enjoy your hometown more profoundly.


Schedule it

Start from the bottom up. Schedule your plans as early as possible to foresee interruptions or any possible hindrances that can affect your l vacation plans. Decide on a beginning date, how many days and nights do you plan to have a vacation, and when to go home. If you are traveling with someone who is still working, then extend your considerations to their work schedule.

Seek local deals

Let local deals help you decide. In the modern age, there are hundreds of options to choose upon. If you tour your local area, you would discover new dining, spas, attractions, museums and more. Consequently, you have to be smart in deciding which deals you should avail for. There is a survey conducted by Bing Company states that 6 out of 10 adults will search 2 to 10 different deal sources every week. And so to help you sort out the chaos, you can use apps to help you navigate the world of deals. Consider Groupon, LivingSocial, Tippr and many others.

“No Chore Zone.”

This is not the time to clean up the wardrobes, washing dishes, mowing the yard, or tackle the project for home improvement. It’s just time to have fun and family activities. So relax as much as possible. We tend to do our regular chores if we feel we are near home.

Act like a tourist

Even though you are in your hometown, there are no rules you can’t act like a tourist! Add the experience by taking photos like it’s your first time in your area. You can never have too much fun


Enjoying a good caregiving community is like enjoying a good vacation.

You will spend a lot more time in your home than taking a vacation. Of course, you want your home to be as enjoyable as your local vacation and so if you are interested in the best Assisted Living in Delray Beach, then look no further than Courtyard Gardens. For inquiries call us right now.

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