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People often take precautions for babies and toddlers in their household. Boca Raton Assisted Living community believes that the kitchen should be designed to be more senior-friendly. Did you know that the kitchen is the most dangerous room for older adults? All kinds of accidents happen in the kitchen and it makes the area hazardous for seniors with memory loss or a weaker body. Caregivers often help to reduce the risk by senior proofing the area before any major accidents happen. Here are some examples of it.



Since falling is a major concern for seniors, a non-slip floor makes sense.  A slippery floor is one of the major causes an elderly person experiences injury. Worst-case scenarios often include even death when seniors fall on slippery floors. A traditional kitchen area made of low-traction floorings, such as marble, granite, laminate, etc. You may want to avoid this if you are nearer your retirement age and start considering alternatives. Unfortunately, not all seniors can afford to re-floor their kitchen. For a much cheaper solution, always wear rubber-soled slippers when inside the house.


Injuries due to poor lighting are also one of those causes you can easily avoid. Seniors often have poor eyesight. When you couple that with poor lighting, it makes up a recipe for disaster. Make sure that you assess the lighting in the kitchen. It is best to consider recessed lighting which cuts down on shadows and glare, and under-cabinet lighting, which ensures that all countertop areas are visible. Also, lighting can be complemented by the color scheme of the kitchen. Increase the visibility of the seniors by contrasting rich color schemes. When a senior has a severe eyesight problem, you can increase their navigating ability by placing strategic color in counters that directly contrast the surrounding.

Ease of Access

Ideally, seniors are better off if they can access kitchen utensils that don’t strain their joints. Architects design kitchens with modern cabinets and drawer systems that make lower items easier to reach. The key goal here is to let the kitchen have easy access to seniors while unreachable to small children. It can be tricky to design such a kitchen, but you wouldn’t like your small kids to have easy access to knives, right?


Boca Raton Assisted Living supports sake kitchen as much as a safe meal

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