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Treat yourself, you deserve it. After working and grinding almost every day for the past few years, greet your retirement with a cruise. Now there are a lot of options to consider. Delray Beach Assisted Living has gathered a few guidelines to help you navigate your way into a successful cruise trip. Remember you only live once so it’s not too far fetch to seriously consider taking a cruise. Tour around the ship, eat fine dining, dance with jazz music, or simply enjoy the ocean breeze, getting the right preparation will help you achieve all these things.


Choose your cruise line

This is considered to be the most crucial part of planning the cruise. There is a huge gap of difference when you pick the wrong cruise line or even the wrong ship. Ask questions from any of your friends or acquaintance who had gone on a cruise ship before. You can also do your research by searching for available cruise lines online. Find out the median age onboard: if a ship caters to an older demographic. Also, many vessels serve food that is par with 4 or 5-star restaurants inland. Ask about the quality of their food so you have an idea what you are in for.

Pick your destination

If you have already chosen your cruise line, it’s time to pick your destination. Figure out how many days you want to be in a certain vessel. The number of days will then dictate what destination options you have. Travel experts at recommend touring the Hawaii, Alaska or Caribbean.

Book your cruise

So you picked your cruise line and you decided your destination. It’s time to book it. This is the stage where you have to be firm with your decision and not a bailout. With all the planning you did, you can take advantage of the shore excursions that cruises offer.

Pack your things

It doesn’t matter where you are headed, it is important to look up the typical weather and pack accordingly. Wear something comfortable and always bring your ID.


Caregiving memories are as important as travel memories. Delray Beach Assisted Living

While some veteran travelers ignore the simplicity at cruises, Delray Beach Assisted Living community encourages a young senior couple to try at least once in their lifetime. If you’re done with your vacation, you should also consider a good facility to enjoy retirement. Courtyard Gardens has been a prestigious institution for years to serve the elderly population faithfully. Call us right for more inquiries!

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