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There’s no place like home. But sometimes, when an individual reaches old age, there’s no better solution than relocating to facilities like Boynton Beach Senior Living. Seniors who are physically and mentally healthy can choose an independent living program; otherwise, an assisted living is best. Basically, both are excellent options for seniors who like the freedom to choose the lifestyle that they want.

Checklist for the Best Fit Independent Living Senior

  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • Capable of doing personal care and hygiene and other activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Responsible enough to take their maintenance medications.
  • Can independently visit a doctor for consultation, do financial transactions in banks, shop for groceries, and other similar endeavors.
  • Loves meeting new friends and socialize.
  • Enjoys living in a community of elders.
  • Willing and happy to live away from home and family members.
  • Have enough money to rent, buy, or stay in an independent living community for the rest of their senior lives. Or, somebody, an adult child perhaps, can commit to paying the expenses in this type of senior living.

Seniors living in an independent living community are given the chance to boost their self-worth. In addition, adult children becomes freed from worries as their elderly parents are safe and happy in the chosen independent senior living facility.

Higher Level Senior Care Boynton Beach Senior Living

When a senior won’t fit the criteria mentioned above, don’t worry for there are other senior living facilities to choose from. Fundamentally, higher level Boynton Beach Senior Living facilities would include assisted living, nursing homes, and memory care facilities, and a lot more. At Courtyard Gardens, your senior’s needs are our number one priority. We offer top quality services that could fit your beloved senior. For more information, call us at (561) 336-4958 or come see us at 3005 S Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach Fl.