Assisted Living Near Me | Signs It’s Time to Move Into Assisted Living

One of the most challenging tasks most of us have to face is when our aging loved ones can no longer live on their own. When this happens, we find ourselves wondering if it’s time for them to move into a nursing home. Perhaps you’ve turned on your trusty smartphone to Google “assisted living near me”.

Spot the 3 Red Flags

Before you talk to your beloved elderly about this major decision, you have to be sure that your parent or relative is a candidate for assisted living. Here are the 3 red flags that suggest it’s the right time to move:

  1. They get frequently injured.

 Did you know that over 2.5 million seniors get treatment each year for injuries that are related to falls? In case you don’t know, minor injuries can potentially turn into a much bigger deal when the person involved is a senior. If your loved one frequently falls and needs constant care and supervision more than they’re willing to admit, you’ll have to start talking to them about getting day-to-day help in an assisted living facility

  1. Weight loss is significant.

The moment you notice that your elderly relative has drastically lost weight in the last few months, talk to them and their physician about the possible reasons behind this significant weight change.

If they don’t have serious underlying medical issues, they’re probably having trouble preparing their food. Whatever the reason may be, if the need for more assistance to ensure proper nutrition is evident, explain to them that they don’t have to plan and cook their meals if they decide to live in an assisted living facility.

  1. The chores are being neglected.

 Other sure signs that a senior may need to full-time assistance is the sight of a growing pile of dirty clothing in the bathroom, mail stacked up, refrigerator with nothing but old food in it or dirty dishes piled up in the sink. If not keeping up with chores is unusual for them, then maybe it’s time they move to a nursing home. 

Assisted Living Near Me

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