It’s a known fact that physical activity is important for our health. It helps prevent the development of health problems, such as heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Likewise, it’s also important to exercise the mind to improve and maintain cognitive health by reading. According to Assisted Living Boca Raton, here are four reasons why reading delays cognitive decline.

1.    Boosts Memory

After retirement, many seniors fall into an unhealthy daily routine like watching TV for hours on end, sleeping, or doing other passive activities. Reading can help your elderly loved one focus and remember the plot of the story. This helps in maintaining or improving memory.

2.    Improves Concentration

Many seniors find it hard to concentrate. Reading can help your elderly loved one improve their concentration abilities.

3.    Promotes Cognitive Health

Whether your elderly loved one is reading novels or the newspaper, reading regularly makes them learn new things. This gives their brain the workout it needs to stay sharp.

4.    Lowers Stress

By being engrossed in a book, you can reduce stress by forgetting about your troubles for a little while. This is great since stress is associated with a number of negative behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and more.

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