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Several entertainment activities are provided in many South Florida Senior Living facilities. These may include gardening, fitness routines, but one of the best options is movie watching. While this activity meets the leisure needs of the elders, it can also foster their emotional and social requirements. Scheduling time in going to movie theaters isn’t unusually done by the senior living staff but movie watching with Netflix are catered as well.

Getting Ready For Movie Watching in South Florida Senior Living

Elderly people are prone to stress and anxiety so it’s important that the care providers prepare them ahead when planning for a movie watching. Let’s explore how a remarkable senior living facility do this. Check some stuff below.

Determination of Inclination to Watch Movies

Does the resident love watching movies? If so, then what type of movies does he/she prefers to watch? These are the most important questions that need clear answers because it determines the final outcome. Forcing senior to watch movies they don’t like only produces anxiety and other negative feelings.

Scheduling a Group Movie Watching Day

When senior residents have verbally expressed that he/she likes to watch a certain movie, the staff usually sets a group movie watching day to satisfy the social needs. This group may consist of the senior’s family, friends, or co-residents but acquaintances are always welcome too.

Prepping for the Big Event

Seniors are excited for their big day and they need help doing personal care. Some of these activities would include choosing the proper attire, the right make-up and hairdo for ladies, and shaving for gentlemen that could help them boost their self-esteem.

Great Senior Living Entertainment Options and More

The need for entertainment is a universal but simply peaks during senior years for various reasons. If you want to find a South Florida Senior Living that provides high-level care through entertainment activities and beyond, then don’t look further than Courtyard Gardens Senior Living. Their services are fashioned to provide the best possible senior care and independent lifestyle that’s worthy of your time and money. Call and set an appointment with them today!

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