Life is so much harder for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It poses more challenges to have your memories knotted by the illness. You can help your aging loved ones who have memory loss by making your home more dementia-friendly to seniors. Royal Palm Beach Senior Living has taken to certain lengths to make its facilities more adaptable for older people. We want to share with you how you can also make your environment more friendly for seniors.

Remove clutter

A messy living room with a lot of clutter is a nightmare for people with dementia. They would find it very difficult to find frequently used items when they see a lot of clutter. Cleaning away unnecessary items clears the field of vision. In return, seniors with dementia notice their necessary items such as phones, keys, cards or wallets much easier when tables are not bombarded by other things.

Keep patterns minimal and use contrasting colors

Merging colors on the opposite spectrum helps older people easily identify important objects – like a yellow toothbrush in a purple container, or a black jewelry box on a white placemat.  Our eyes often notice contrasting colors much better. But you should be careful about using contrasting colors. You want it for the objects that have great importance to minimize the use of patterns. Using too many patterns can be very confusing for people who have dementia.

Add signs on doors

One common problem with having dementia is that you might forget the rooms in a household. Keeping the interior doors open can make it easier for them to navigate their way. Having a sign on the door spoon-fed them the information on where they are at the moment, and keeps them from being lost.

Label faucets with hot and cold

Older people have a knack for taking a bath with the right temperature. Labeling your faucets which one is cold and hot can make their lives much easier. It also helps prevent skin accidents, especially when their skins are much more sensitive than they used to be.

Hide items you don’t want them to find

People with dementia have a habit of losing important small items. If you want to prevent confusion when finding your car keys, hide it next time so that seniors are unable to lose it.

No Place like Home, but Royal Palm Beach Senior Living might be

It is a rare feat to have a Senior Living community in Royal Palm beach comfortable like home. Here in Courtyard Gardens, we have the right facilities for different levels of dementia. Your aging loved ones can rest assured that our facility is dementia-friendly. Call us at (561)336-4958 for more inquiries.

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