Important Things to Do for a Visually Impaired Senior | Delray Beach Assisted Living

Everybody knows the inevitability of visual impairment. Delray Beach Assisted Living community has lovely residents who have eyes that are almost blind without their glasses. It’s just part of growing old. It becomes more challenging to do an everyday task if your eyes weren’t what it used to be. Aging loved ones should be guided with some good tips to help them skim through their day while dealing with their visual impairments.


Create a list

Create a list of important instructions and numbers. Get bold-lined paper and a thick gel pen and write down the most basic and important contact details. This includes the number and emails of doctors, transportation, emergency contacts, etc. To be safe from the unreadable text, you can type and print it instead. Also, keep this list in an accessible area.

Keep it lit

Ensure that their room is lit up appropriately. For instance, if you like cooking or reading, choose gooseneck lamps to provide extra light. Do not forget the stairs. It is an accident-prone area and so the steps from top to bottom should be well-illuminated. Extra lighting around the house will help your loved ones use their remaining vision effectively. Remember, pick the right type of light that suits the eye.

Use bright colors to highlight things and risky areas

This is where you can play with your creativity. Bring your inner artist out by meshing colors into their room/space. For instance, for outlets or switch plate covers use bright colors which are in contrast with the wall paint. This will make it much easier for them to locate light switches or thermostats. Do the same rooms that have staircases.

Schedule periodic eye exams

Do not underestimate the power of regular check-ups. You can prevent further damage to your eyes if you can detect signs of visual impairment. Many seniors who take care of their eyes and go to the eye doctor more often can prevent further loss of vision.


Delray Beach Assisted Living have good eyes for good care. 

Listed above are a few important things to keep in mind. The Delray Beach Assisted Living community has been careful in following ourselves. Courtyard Gardens is one of the most excellent elderly caregiving services out there and has been taking care of visually impaired seniors for years. Our experience has translated into great service. If you want to know more, call us at (561)336-4958 or visit us personally at 3005 S Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach Fl. 33426.

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