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Gardening Tips For Senior | Delray Beach Assisted Living

Delray Beach Assisted Living facilities have always noticed that gardening is one of the best hobbies. This is especially true for seniors who seek to experience fresh air, sunlight, and a healthy dose of physical activity. It is good for the soul. Additionally, it is a great way to stay fit. Whether you’re trimming your garden bushes or planting carrots, it gives seniors a healthy exercise. But, like any other recreational activity, it gets harder when you age.


Plant Smarter

Aging loved ones, those who are in their 70’s above find gardening more difficult each passing year. So planting easy-to-care-for plants is a good idea. Plant seeds that are resistant to weeds. Find plants that don’t need too much pruning. And choose to take care of plants that can survive with a little neglect. This logic also applies to retirees who are often first-time gardeners.

Grow up vertically

Some of the main reasons older adults give up gardening are because of the kneeling and bending involved. Nobody is comfortable doing gardening if you have joint pain or back pain. The solution? Grow vertically. Try switching to planters and trellis-based plants so that they put less strain on their knees and spine.

Choose Equipment Wisely

Knees and backs aren’t the only part of a senior’s body that can hinder gardening. Hands can also play a painful part when engaging in gardening. Typically, this is caused by arthritis-related issues. But for issues that aren’t inherent in one’s health, choosing the right equipment can stop further stress in the hands. Do not use uncomfortable gloves that irritate the skin. Try to use efficient gloves and pruners that have to protect the skin while being comfortable.

Choose a partner

Why garden alone when you can have a good company? It is safer and easier to have a partner. Some parts of gardening are much easier if there is someone who can lend an assisting hand. You can have your caregiver or another senior to help plant and harvest those plants. Together, you and your companion can have healthy exercise while keeping the environment green.


Delray Beach Assisted Living and Gardening

Worried that age might get between you and your begonias this year? The top Delray Beach Assisted Living community hope this article helps. If you are looking for a good caregiving community that supports this type of recreational activities for seniors, then look no further. Courtyard Gardens is for you. Call us at (561)336-4958 for more inquiries. We’ll be able to answer and have a conversation with your senior loved one.