One of the hardest things, when your loved ones are having dementia-related diseases, is the delusion. Boynton Beach Assisted Living has heard a lot of sad stories over the years. Just imagine you are helping your dad with his savings and the next minute comes where he thinks that you are trying to sham his money. It’s an ugly business to deal with, but you have to face it. You love your parents and you want to get in touch with them even if their memory is starting to get hazier by the week. Below are some tips to cope with dementia delusions.

Don’t argue

You are noble to try, but avoid convincing them of something that they disagree with. They usually disagree because there are some moments that you both agree with, but suddenly they forgot. It builds up tension between you two so it is better to refrain from it. Ask yourself if the friction is worth it before you try to argue with them about such small matters.

Turn off the TV or radio

The background music that is harmless to you might cause some sort of confusion for a senior that has dementia. Keep the living room calm and enjoyable for your senior if he/she decides to chill in the living room.

A simple answer will do

Always be prepared to give a simple answer. You would not a miscommunication in your hands. Let them be expressive in their thoughts and opinions. You are going to have a bad time if you try to converse with people with dementia into a long and lengthy explanation.

Keep the extras on hand

Expect things to be lost. When your mom lost her sunglasses, prepare an extra. Start buying when you notice that they are more and more prone to losing particular items.

Distract yourself, visit Boynton Beach Assisted Living or other places

Understand that there is no simple way to get rid of dementia. Everybody in the family will be affected, so sometimes, you have to distract yourself to be a better caregiver. You are not helping anyone if you are always in a bad mood just because of memory loss.

The Communality that Cares, Boynton Beach Assisted Living

Courtyard Gardens is one of the most outstanding Assisted Living communities in Boynton Beach. The facility has dealt with dementia for many years. We have developed transitional and advance wings depending on how bad your parent is with his/her dementia. Having dementia is scary in all circumstances, but it’s even more dangerous if you don’t have a caring hand to deal with. Rest assured knowing that we take care of our residents like family. For more inquiries, call us at (561)336-4958.

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