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Tricks That Make Your Marriage Stronger | Boca Raton Assisted Living

Congratulations! Many years have gone by, and you survive life with your spouse. Boca Raton Assisted Living believes that it is never too late to keep your marriage healthy. Even in your senior years, marriage is still at risk of danger. Think about it, the two of you have been together thick and thin. You already know everything about your spouse, and so it is harder to rekindle some type of romance. Don’t get to the point where you only see your spouse as a good “roommate”. Learn how these surprising tactics can really improve your relationship.


Write about your fights

Remember the times when you argue and you are carried away in the heat of the moment? You will miss a lot of valuable points you ignored from your partner. A study from Northwestern University indicates that couples who write their conflict are good.  Write at least seven minutes three times a year about past conflicts from an outsider’s perspective. It will help to show a cathartic perspective and help bring greater satisfaction for both parties.

Hug for 2 minutes each day

Small things make a huge difference. Family therapists often observe that kisses and hugs become mechanical and quick. Those mechanical and lifeless hugs don’t offer the same benefits compared to longer hugs. Additionally, 30 seconds of kissing each day also boost oxytocin and libido. As human beings, we are prone to long physical intimacy.

Take a walk together

Nothing beats a romantic walk. Vehicles spoil the romantic side of hanging out with each other. You get to point A to point B without much talking and holding hands. The very act of walking in the same direction can help you two feel as though you’re on the same team and want the same result. Get some fresh air and enjoy a walk with your spouse!

Match up your boozing levels

A couple that drinks together stays together. Don’t be more alcoholic than others can tolerate. Obviously, this can create conflict. This isn’t to say that you should get wasted with your partner, remember your liver is much more sensitive when you are a senior.


Choose the right nest to rest with your love bird

Choosing the right location to spend time with your spouse is also important. You want to surround yourself with a good company that can help you monitor your health. Courtyard Gardens is a Boca Raton Assisted Living community that offers couples some friendly residents to interact with every day. Additionally, if you want to know more about our services, give us a call at (561)317-8902. We’ll be happy to answer all your queries!