Learn How to Make the Most of Your Assisted Living Facility Tour

Before you decide to choose an assisted living facility for your elderly loved one, you do your due diligence. You start with recommendations and an internet search. You narrow down the facilities by ratings, distance, and financing options. And then you are left with a few facilities worth visiting in person.

The availability of an assisted living facility tour without any hassle is a good point in favor of the community. At Courtyard Gardens, we welcome potential residents and their family members and we do our best to show them the most relevant benefits of living here.

However, there are many visitors who are not aware of what they should look for. Maybe they are not completely sure that their loved one really needs assisted living, or maybe they are still taking baby steps in understanding how this type of community works.

How to Prepare for an Assisted Living Facility Tour

You should start getting familiar with the facility together with your elderly loved one by watching presentation videos on the official website of the community. Also, browse through the photos of the accommodations, dining, and entertainment facilities. Evaluate your elderly relative’s reaction to these images. 

After all, it would be pointless to schedule a visit if your loved one does not like the place, or has a negative reaction to it. Once you note their interest, it is time to make the preparations for the day of the tour.

1. Write Down the Most Important Questions You Want to Ask

As you and your loved one walk from one room to the other, looking at the amenities and decorations, you are likely to forget to ask important questions, such as:

  • The types of assisted living services available
  • The available accommodation options
  • The qualifications of the staff
  • The approach to memory care and physical activity
  • Safety and security.

For this reason, you should start making a list of these questions ahead of time. This way, on the day of the assisted living facility tour, you will definitely get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

2. Observe the Interactions between Residents

Evaluate the general impression you get from the residents. Do they look like good friends or a happy family? Or do they feel uneasy and act as if they were told to appear friendly? Trust your instincts, because they are not wrong.

At Courtyard Gardens, you will feel a genuine sense of warmth and welcome. Our residents are like our family, and we treat them with the utmost respect and care. You will notice the genuine joy of living and serenity in every person – even those with limited abilities to enjoy daily activities.

3. Use Your Senses

Take deep breaths. Touch the surfaces. Look around carefully. Does the place feel like a home? Is it clean, cozy, and pleasant? If you are unsure, stop and ask yourself: can you imagine living there? 

If the place feels good enough for you, it is most likely also good for your elderly loved one. An assisted living facility is not a hospital or a confining place. It is a new home for elderly people, where they can enjoy life and receive the exact level of care they need.

4. Join the Residents for a Meal

Adequate nutrition is essential for elderly people. They need a lot of nutrients and to cut back on calories. At Courtyard Gardens, our meals are carefully planned to offer our residents all the vitamins, minerals, and protein they need.

We also make sure that our food looks and tastes great. You can convince yourself by joining our residents for a meal and trying the same food they eat. We can also accommodate special dietary needs for residents with diabetes or gluten intolerance, for example.

5. Observe How the Staff Interacts with Residents

The assisted living facility tour will allow you to see how the staff treat the residents, and you can judge for yourself if their friendliness and caring attitude is genuine or feels forced.

Our team knows how to make every resident feel safe and comfortable. We make time to chat with them. We don’t say no when they want to show us family photos. We listen carefully when they complain of a toothache or any discomfort. This is not just a job for us – it is what we believe in and what motivates us in life.

6. Talk to the Residents

You should have the freedom to talk to any resident who wants to share stories about living there with you. Indeed, most elderly people are happy to see a new addition to their social circle and will tell you everything you want to know about living there.

These conversations will help you determine whether that assisted living facility is a good place for your elderly loved one. And if you see your elderly relative already interacting with the residents and starting to feel at ease, you know that you are making the right decision to choose the place as their new home.

Reach out to us and schedule an assisted living facility tour of Courtyard Gardens. We have nothing to hide and everything to share with potential residents and their families!