Assisted Living Facilities Improve Your Elderly Loved One’s Quality of Life

When you decide to move your elderly parent into one of the many assisted living facilities, your main motivation for it is that you want to prolong their life. You know that you cannot protect them, care for them, make sure they take all their medication on time and keep an eye on them to avoid accidents. But there is more to life than just being safe. Life is something to be enjoyed, and one of the main benefits of an assisted living facility is improved quality of life.

Old people still have dreams and hobbies. Their body may be frail, but their spirit is still strong. Thus, just being alive is not enough. They need to be able to make the most of their golden years. They must be able to fulfill their bucket list, and this is what the staff at our assisted living facility works on: making every resident feel like they had the best day of their life – every single day.

Ways in Which Seniors Benefit from Improved Quality of Life with Assisted Living Facilities

Bringing your elderly parent to an assisted living facility may be one of the hardest things you’ve done. But it is also one of the best gifts you can give your loved one. These are just a few ways in which their quality of life will be improved:

1. Round the Clock Care and Medical Assistance

An assisted living facility gives elderly people independence, but under the careful watch of trained nurses and doctors. During the discussions to finalize the move, our staff will ask you to provide their medical history, as well as their current treatment scheme.

Thus, your elderly loved one will always get essential treatment as prescribed. This is probably the most important benefit in terms of improved quality of life. Many elderly people forget to take their pills, which results in a deterioration of their health.

2. Adequate Nutrition

Eating healthy and nutritious food is what keeps us healthy and energetic. It is even more important for the elderly, as evidenced by a research study conducted by a team of doctors from Spain. Among their recommendations is nutritional screening of older people (both healthy and ill) as part of the basic health care.

An assisted living facility pays great attention to the food served to residents. Meals are planned to meet several requirements:

  • Special dietary needs and restrictions
  • A balanced intake of vitamins, minerals and protein
  • Delicious taste
  • As far as possible, letting each resident enjoy their favorite food. 

Good and healthy food means improved quality of life through better health and higher energy levels.

3. No Need to Take Care of Daily Chores

Your elderly parents are no longer able to do regular house work as they used to. Simple tasks like dusting and vacuuming become increasingly difficult for them. In an assisted living facility, the staff performs these chores. The residents enjoy clean, neat and hygienic living conditions, without any effort at all.

You cannot imagine the boost in quality of life these people experience. Their energy can now be spent doing things they love, such as knitting or baking. Or they can just sit in an easy chair in the garden, enjoying a sunny day in peace and quiet. 

4. Physical Activities Tailored for Their Abilities

For many elderly people, good quality of life means staying active for as long as possible. But they are no longer in the physical shape needed for jogging or doing cardio exercises. They need to find new types of physical activities that do not lead to accidents or overexertion.

And this is something that they will find in an assisted living facility. The available games, sports and hobbies are carefully selected to fit their energy levels. Many new residents are still trying to know their limits. Our staff helps them in this aspect, with gentleness, kindness and respect.

5. A Sense of Community

Everyone needs to have friends and feel part of a community. Elderly people who still live in their homes often experience a sense of isolation and loneliness. You don’t have the time to visit them every day. Some of their friends passed away, while others already moved into an assisted living facility.

Once they also make the transition, elderly people start thriving and enjoy an improved quality of life. They soon make new friends – some even form romantic relationships – with people of their own generation. They have shared experiences, the same tastes in books and music, and will always find something to talk about.

This alone can help prolong your loved one’s life, boost their quality of life, and make every day matter. Instead of just existing, they will continue living a full life. And you will be able to enjoy their presence in your life for many years to come.