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Not all seniors aren’t capable of doing things on their own. But when signs of assistance in ADLs show up, we need to consider help from an Assisted Living Delray Beach facility. In this way, we’re assured that our senior’s needs are attended even when we’re out there doing our other responsibilities.

Causes and Effects of Decline in ADL Performance

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are certainly easy tasks for young adults but it may become difficult in senior years. The causes in the decline in the performance may vary. Nevertheless, the presence of medical conditions and general weakness that comes with old age are the most common culprits.

Many families don’t perceive the inability of a senior to do ADLs right away.  They usually take notice when a senior becomes smelly and/or wears similar clothes every day. Nonetheless, the alarming part isn’t the inability to perform personal routine but the medical problem that may exist. Moreover, in a lot of cases, seniors who can’t do self-care are also at risk of accidents and injuries.

ADL Assessment

Many seniors don’t like staying in assisted living communities so they don’t admit that they’re having trouble doing things by themselves. However, seniors really require an honest assessment from a specialist to evaluate the need for such care. More importantly, this is a good method to determine the most applicable care solutions for the senior.

Assisted Living Delray Beach

Activities of daily living includes self-management on personal hygiene like bathing, but may also cover activities like eating and cooking. Our Assisted Living Delray Beach offer world-class services that help seniors perform ADLs while maintaining independence as much as possible. Additionally, our professional caregivers at Courtyard Gardens are committed to give your loved ones the best experience in our facility. We’ll gladly entertain your questions anytime. Contact us today!

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