If you’re seriously thinking about moving a loved one into an assisted living Delray Beach community, you’ll need to do some research. With so many misconceptions about this type of community, it’s extremely important to separate fact from fiction so that you can make an informed decision. Check out these myths about assisted living Delray Beach that you’ll need to stop believing.

MYTH 1: Moving into an assisted living Delray Beach community is no fun at all.

False. Assisted living communities are strategically located in areas where you have easy access to public transportation and major thoroughfares. This means that it will be much easier for a senior to go shopping, visit the doctor, attend church, cultural, and sporting events, and spend time with friends and family. Furthermore, seniors will have a lot more to do in an assisted living community than in their own homes. For instance, they can join in book discussions, hang out in the computer center, or take creative writing workshops and seminars.

MYTH 2: All assisted living Delray Beach facilities are alike.

Each facility has its own range of services that come at different rates. Although they all follow the same regulations that were set by the state government, each has its own unique setting. However, most of them are not required to have on-site and around the clock licensed nurses and staffing. Furthermore, these facilities come in all features, shapes, and sizes. They can either be a small home with four people or a high-rise apartment with many residents.

If you prefer an assisted living facility that offers 24-hour staffing, medication management, transportation, basic health services, and assistance in emergencies, it’s best to ask your prospective facility upfront.

MYTH 3: Assisted living Delray Beach encourages dependence.

 On the contrary, the senior’s independence and privacy are highly encouraged in assisted living Delray Beach facilities. As long as they are safe, you’re given full control of your own living space.

Make the Right Choice

Haven’t made up your mind yet about which assisted living Delray Beach facility you’d like for your loved one to move into? Consider choosing Courtyard Gardens Senior Living today. Let your beloved elderly experience a country club atmosphere while receiving optimum assistance.

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