Activities for Dementia Patients at Assisted Living Facilities in Boynton Beach

Connecting with other people is what being human is all about. Dementia does not change that. We often wonder what some good activities for dementia patients at the best assisted living facilities in Boynton Beach could be. It’s important to know that you can keep building bonds and sustain your connection with your loved one even after this alarming diagnosis.

Ways to Sustain a Bond at Assisted Living Facilities in Boynton Beach

People with dementia often return to their childhood memories because their minds only remember their young days. To help create a connection, you can look through albums together. Albums with images from young adulthood or childhood are best. Old magazines are another great option, especially Time, Life, and others with lots of photos.

Rekindling Memories

Fill a bag with scented products because there is a strong connection between memory and scents. You can include aftershave, perfume, and soap or holiday scents like peppermint, gingerbread, and pine.

Most older people have a favorite book. The caregiver can read it to them, let them feel the pages and hold the book. There is a typical smell old books have that brings memories back. Reading aloud works better with some genres than others. The cadence of poetry, for example, is calming and familiar.


You can sing old hymns with someone who attended church regularly in their childhood or teens. At assisted living facilities in Boynton Beach and nursing homes, residents and staff sing carols or other special songs together come holiday time. Music classes were very popular in schools before the digital age. Your loved ones will know some interesting songs from elementary school: you’d be surprised.

Alternatively, you can set a radio up to stream songs or download songs from their teenage years. Considering that everything from big band sounds to classic rock is available at most online radio stations, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding their favorite music.

Watch Old Shows and Films

Our parents grew up watching family dramas and westerns or musicals like “Singing in the Rain.” Netflix features a lot of popular TV shows and films spanning the 20th century.


Find out what sweets were commonplace when your loved one was in their teens. You can buy old faves like peppermint sticks from companies that specialize in nostalgic sweets. Even simple things like a piece of fruit can be perceived as a treat by a person who remembers enjoying it as a child.

Go for a Walk

Elderly care must always include nature walks, if physically possible. If the person has difficulty moving, they can be taken to spend some time in an outdoor garden. Contact with nature is an excellent way to improve a person’s sensory experiences. They can touch the moist grass, listen to the birds singing, smell the flowers, or simply bask in the sunshine.

Final Thoughts on Assisted Living Facilities in Boynton Beach

Your loved one may have changed, but they still yearn for companionship and connection. This need can be fulfilled at the right assisted living community in Boynton Beach. Activities like those above will encourage that connection and enrich your loved one’s life.