How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Communities in Boynton Beach and Move Your Loved One

More than 800,000 senior American citizens live in assisted living communities. If you’re looking for a serene place to take your loved one, making a choice can be overwhelming out of the more than 28,000 registered facilities and over 1 million licensed beds.

Even if you narrow it down to Boynton Beach, the number of choices is still overwhelming.

This piece seeks to deal with that pressure.

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing the right assisted living community for your loved ones and how you can make the transition smoother for them.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Place

Older adults require top-notch senior care facilities to enjoy their time within the communities. Here are a few things to consider:

The Transition

Transitioning to a senior care facility can be an overwhelming event. To reduce the stress associated with the move and further stay in the assisted living community, make sure you take your time to scout the target facility and ensure they fit the needs of your loved one.

Consider things such as the room or apartment size, décor, location, floor plan, and diet. Also, ask about what activities are available. The best assisted living communities in Boynton Beach offer stimulating social interactions that build a sense of purpose and meaning.

Price and Value for Money

The cost of most assisted living communities is split into housing costs and care or service packages. Separate agreements govern these. Before committing to a facility, ask about any additional fees incurred from laundry and extra housekeeping services.

An excellent quality Boynton Beach assisted living facility should also offer a care package covering your loved one’s condition.

Ask questions about these packages and request full, complete answers. Providers who refuse to offer this information are probably running homes below the established standards.

Additionally, you can play proxy for a friend or relative. However, ensure that their name is on the agreement as the responsible party so that you don’t have to pay for any debts they might incur.

No Two Assisted Living Communities Are the Same

Despite residents of assisted living communities being mobile, they still need help with meals, medication, and personal care. However, assisted living communities don’t offer similar services to nursing homes which have skilled medical practitioners on payroll to offer daily medical services.

In Boynton Beach, most assisted living communities provide additional support for residents with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. Those with severe impairment can transition to a specialized memory care area.

Courtyard Gardens of Boynton Beach

Specializing in memory care, assisted living, and independent living with supportive services.

Your vibrant community will consist of other members who seek to enjoy an active and inspired next chapter of their lives, along with their friends.

Moving a Loved One into An Assisted Home

Transitioning into a new living space can take a huge toll on senior members of society. This is how you can help your loved one move into a Boynton Beach assisted living community.

Handle Health Care Arrangements

If your loved one is moving to a new area, they may need new doctors. Ask for referrals from the current care providers and book advance appointments if necessary. You can also work with a geriatric care manager who is familiar with the resources in the new location.

Remember to transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy and ensure that your loved one’s new doctors are covered by insurance.

Consider Hiring a Senior Relocation Service

It can easily get overwhelming trying to sort the logistics of moving your loved one while helping them do the actual packing. Thus, it’s best to seek the services of a relocation company that specializes in moving senior members of society.

Even if you can be present to help, getting insight from the professionals in these companies can be invaluable. Senior relocation services hire staff with backgrounds in healthcare, psychology, project management, and social work to provide the full circle of services your loved one will need to settle in their new home.

Help Your Loved One Sort Through Their Possessions

Older adults usually have a lot of treasured possessions. Thus, they will have difficulty sorting through each since they want to take everything to their Boynton Beach assisted living community. This is impossible.

However, you can step in and help them pack the items they’ll need and hold the most sentimental value. Start small by sorting through the bathroom or guest rooms with less emotional attachment. While you’re at it, gently suggest that they may have to give away or sell some of their items.

Make Transportation Plans

Senior members of society often don’t fare well with long road trips. The trip will have to be extended to give space for several stops where they can rest and stretch their legs.

If you’re flying, you may need special seating or an escort to help you with boarding. Thankfully, some companies handle transportation for older adults. Some even provide beds with registered nurses on call and medical equipment such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs.

Get in Touch with a Facility

Using the information above, choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one in Boynton Beach and organizing the move should get smoother. Get in touch with us today for more information about us and how we suit your loved one’s needs.