Reduced mobility can have a significant impact on the life of an older person. However, it doesn’t mean they have to lose all their independence or give up their hobbies. With the right assistance at an assisted living center in Boynton Beach, they can continue to enjoy life. Here are some tips that will help you to help them.

Make the Home More Accessible

If your elderly parent, relative or even spouse is now less mobile, you need to ensure they can get the things they need to use regularly. This may mean placing certain items on a lower shelf to accommodate them if they’re in a wheelchair. You may also have to install grab bars, get a stairlift, built a ramp or retrofit your bathroom, depending on their needs. If you can’t carry out the modifications the individual would require, you should discuss the option of moving to an assisted living center in Boynton Beach.

Ensure the House is Clutter-Free

If your loved one is using a wheelchair or walker, you need to make sure there is no clutter. If their path is blocked or cords and furniture are impeding them, they will get frustrated. If you remove everything that’s unnecessary it’ll be much easier for them to navigate the space on their own.

Encourage Them to Stay Active

When an individual starts finding it difficult to walk, there’s a temptation to ask them not to move around. This is understandable since you may fear that they will fall. However, not moving will cause their muscles to weaken and they could prematurely lose their independence. Ask a doctor or a physical therapist about the types of exercises your loved one should do. They may still be able to do some walking. Otherwise, they may have to perform simple stretches or chair routines. Staying active can help to prevent mobility issues from becoming worse.

Learn How to Lift Them Safely

You may need to help your loved one get in or out of their wheelchair or assist them in the unfortunate event that they fall. To ensure that you don’t hurt either them or yourself, learn the proper way to lift them. The basics include keeping your head and spine in alignment and bending at the knees instead of the waist. Since we’re talking about seniors who are otherwise in good health, they’ll be able to help move themselves into the right position and hold onto you for support.

Encourage Participation in Activities

Reduced mobility doesn’t mean that life stops. It will already be difficult to adjust to not being able to get around as usual. Quitting activities can further impact an elderly person’s mental health. As much as possible, encourage them to continue doing the things they enjoy. If outdoor gardening is too much, maybe your loved one can care for a few plants indoors. Reading, knitting, meditating, and drawing or painting can also keep them occupied whether they live at home or in a Boynton Beach assisted living community.

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