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If your spouse was recently diagnosed with dementia, things won’t be the same. Caring for an individual with dementia is always difficult but it can be even more challenging if the patient is your spouse.  That being said, you shouldn’t despair. A dementia diagnosis doesn’t automatically mean that you and your spouse can no longer enjoy life. If you learn about the illness and get the necessary support, you can continue to have a meaningful relationship. If caregiving becomes too much for you to handle, a Boynton Beach assisted living community can be a supportive home away from home for your loved one.

In the meantime, let’s look at how you can come to grips with your loved one’s dementia.

Learn All You Can About the Illness

It may be difficult to accept the diagnosis, but you’ll cope better if you openly acknowledge what is happening. Talk to your loved one’s doctor and do your research. Get as much information as you can about the symptoms of dementia and how you can help your spouse to manage them. Local support groups and online forums provide an opportunity for you to interact with other people who are facing similar challenges.

‍Include Your Spouse in Routine Decisions

A person with dementia may no longer be able to cook or manage their finances. However, you can still include them in the family’s decision-making processes. They may still want to choose their own meals and activities or pick out their own clothing. While complex choices may frustrate or upset them, try to include them in routine decisions.

Stay in Contact with Family and Friends

There may be a temptation to isolate yourselves after your partner is diagnosed. However, both you ‍and your spouse will benefit from regular social interaction. Chatting with loved ones and taking part in simple activities can reduce anxiety in people with dementia. If you both feel lonely staying at home, a Boynton Beach assisted living community may be ideal.

‍Help Your Partner to Maintain Their Independence

You may want to help your spouse with everything, assuming that this will make their life easier. However, you should actually encourage them to do this on their own for as long as they can. Becoming totally reliant on someone else can actually be harmful for people with dementia since it negatively affects their self-esteem. Be mindful of their limitations but allow them to carry out small tasks on their own.

Take Care of Yourself

Caring for a loved one with dementia takes a toll on caregivers. No matter how devoted you are to your spouse, you need to take a break sometimes. Ask relatives or professional caretakers to come over regularly so you can go get a massage, take a walk in nature, or simply get a haircut. Meditation, yoga, and relaxing activities can also help to ensure you don’t suffer caregiver burnout.

Get Help from a Professional at a Boynton Beach Assisted Living Community

If you think you and/or your spouse may no longer be able to live in your own home, you’ll want to find the best assisted living facility in Boynton Beach. Contact us to learn more about our community and how we provide excellent memory care for both people with dementia and older people who just need a little extra help.

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