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Dementia, if left unattended, can progress rapidly and memory loss becomes inevitable. This becomes a life-changing event and endangers the senior parent-adult child connection. Luckily, you can do something about it. You just need to join a good Dementia Jupiter program to delay or prevent dementia and maintain a meaningful connection with your aging parent.

Importance of Regular Visits in Dementia Jupiter Facility

Availability isn’t the major reason why family and friends skip visiting a senior in a dementia care facility. In most cases, it’s because of lack of knowledge and skill to handle or communicate. But even if it’s hard to see your senior in that situation, regular visits make a great impact on memory health. Basically, it’s the key to maintaining meaningful connections or establishing a new one. Of course, you have to know the appropriate things to say or do for your senior. Don’t worry, the expert caregivers in a dementia facility can help you out. Just find time to visit no matter what!

Person-centered Care Approach is the Key to a Meaningful Connection

It’s not bad to hope that your beloved senior parent or spouse is in the healthy cognitive state every time you visit. But the truth is, it doesn’t happen all the time in people with dementia. Instead of having a negative reaction about it, gather patience and apply the person-centered care approach. Simply, ditch the idea of focusing on yourself and put a value on the current needs or reality of your senior. If your senior mom doesn’t remember you but recognized a newly-found friend, encourage her to talk about her friend more. In this way, you’ll be obtaining a meaningful connection with her even when she doesn’t come into remembering you.

Dementia Jupiter: Helping Families Connect to Seniors with Dementia

The goal of any dementia care program is to delay the progress, if not treat, dementia. But a reliable Dementia Jupiter extends in helping families to maintain a significant connection with their senior loved one. Courtyard Gardens Senior Living has dementia program that’s geared towards the residents’ excellent memory care experience and maintenance of family connections. Call them if you have questions!


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