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Delray Beach Assisted Living recognizes that low back pain is a common problem that affects as much as 80% of the senior population. This intense and often chronic pain can be caused by injury, overwork or disease. Almost everybody that arrives at their riper years’ experience back pain. There have been a lot of studies in the management of pain. The remedy commonly includes physical therapy or other medical specialists to reduce pain and symptoms. However, some simple techniques and tips to prevent back issues from occurring.


Exercise Avoiding Back Pain

Exercise may be the last thing you mind when you are in pain. It may come as a surprise but exercise is the most important component of pain management therapy and is a great preventative measure too.  Exercise improves the flow of blood and helps reduce inflammation. Stretching before and after physical activity is key: without stretching the muscles can become strained and can increase pain/stiffness rather than lessen it. Remember that a consistent exercise program keeps the back muscles flexible.


Another crucial part of pain control is to maintain balanced BMI. Did you know that extra weight changes the center of gravity of the body and places more stress into the structures of the lower back?  This can increase the stress on the back and exacerbate symptoms.

Posture Avoiding Back Pain

Good posture prevents bad back pains. Stand up straight and don’t sit for long periods and place more strain on the back. If you sit for long periods, it causes compression of the vertebral disks and causes them to lose fluid.


How do you position yourself while sleeping? This question is important if you want to avoid back pain.  A side position with the knees slightly raised may be ideal for people with lower back pain, but some people prefer to sleep on their backs. Medical professionals have proven these guidelines to be effective.

Wear Proper Shoes

Shoes do affect your back spine. They are not only for our feet. Make sure to wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes will also lessen the pain. If you are attending an event that requires you to wear heels, then always bring a flat shoe in handy if the event is over.


Delray Beach Assisted Living cares about your back pain

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