Older adults need more precautions when it comes to safety. They are also twice as likely to die or get injured from a calamity as the rest of the population. Boynton Beach Senior Living does not take this likely and so here are a few safety tips you can follow for a safer environment for your aging loved ones.

Cigarettes out

Do not smoke in bed. It is a temptation most adults have a struggle with, especially senior people. It is bad enough what smoking does to your body. You add to the risk of igniting an oxygen tank nearby.

Space Heaters Need Space

You want to make sure the heaters are far away from the drapes. Sofas, beds, and drapes are the primary culprits of lighting up rooms when heaters malfunction. According to the Fire Protection Association, heaters should be at least 3 feet away from everything.

Cooking with Care

Frying food is the number one cause of the cooking fire. Keep a lid nearby at all times in case a pan or pot catches fire. Also, make sure to roll up your sleeves when cooking. This can help avoid unnecessary fire accidents involving the cloth in your fitted sleeves.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms work. They increase your chances of fire accidents by up to 200%. You have to get a smoke alarm for every 132 square feet, especially for rooms that are isolated from the mainframe. If hearing the smoke alarm is a problem, there is always a strobe alarm. These types of alarm shake your bed in the event of any fire smoke that is detected.

Get Fireplace & Wood Stoves Inspected Annually

Cleaning the fireplace may decrease the chances of accidents in your home. Too much soot in your chimney can cause a fire. There are many surprising causes of fire accidents that involve the fireplace. A few of these are cracks in your chimney or rusting in stovepipes. Regular inspection can detect problems before they occur.

Making a Getaway Plan

These days, you can never be careful. Having a gateway plan is not only advisable, but it is also necessary for every established building. When panic escalates at the first sign of fire, residents should have an easy way out that is accessible in every room.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

You should choose a Senior Living Facility in Boynton Beach that knows the basic safety measures. Courtyard Gardens has the best stuff suited for emergency situations. As well-trained caregivers, we are extra mindful of our local residents. Call us at (561)336-4958 for more inquiries.

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