Boynton Beach Assisted Living | Emergency Checklist for Seniors

It is better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, like every animal on the planet, human beings grow more vulnerable when they get older. Boynton Beach Assisted Living always keeps handy information for each resident in case something happens. Everyone should be preparing a checklist so that in the event of an emergency, you can be more prepared. The caregivers, health professionals, and legal advisors are more likely to be effective when they are provided with adequate information from you. This is a list of things you need to prepare at all times for your aging loved ones.

Your healthcare teams

Get your doctor’s name, number, and contact information. If you have a personal caregiver or nurse, you need to have a certain amount of communication with them. Also, locate the nearest hospital in your area. Make sure the local hospital has an ambulance that is working. Sometimes, ambulances are not available, especially in rural areas.

Medication and Doses

Keep track of your medicine kit. Store up necessary over the counter pills such as pain reliever and fever relief. If your senior parent is taking up maintenance, be familiar with the doses and how much should he/she takes a particular drug each day.

Conditions and Allergies

Visit your doctor regularly. This helps you monitor your health condition. Don’t just google your symptoms, ask for a professional’s advice. Make a list of your allergies and medications. In the event of an emergency, first responders will be able to help you much more effectively if they know what are they dealing about.

Dementia-Related Chart

If your senior loved ones manifest behaviors of memory loss, then keep track of it. Click this link to get a free chart that can help you monitor certain behaviors. Do not take Alzheimer’s lightly. Too often people shrug it off like it’s just a normal part of aging, it’s not.

Legal Information

Legal information includes the latest will. You will need an official statement where your possessions will go when you pass on to the next life. This also includes clauses for your caregivers if they do not do their jobs right. Many seniors die because of malpractice and mistreatment.

Keep Them Secure

When emergencies happen, you want your parent to be a resident of a capable facility. Courtyard Gardens is a Boynton Beach Assisted Living community that prepares the necessary checklist for each patient. We want to be effective when an emergency arises. Families depend on our services and so we take it seriously. Give us a call for more inquiries. Our local landline is (561)336-4958. You can even check our location face to face. Visit us at 3005 S. Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach Fl. 33426